Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Chicken Feed Cover, Gelli Prints, and StencilGirl Stencils by Tina Walker, StencilGirl Creative Team member!


Tina here today, and I am going to show you how to use your stencils to make a "WAY OUTSIDE THE BOX" project...outside to the chicken coop to be exact!

Did I peak your interest?  Are you intrigued?

Okay..here we go!

My project started with several simple Gelli Arts monoprintsYoutube has hundreds of videos on creating monoprints with a gelli plate so that's a great place to get started.

Here's a peek at some of my prints.  Honestly, a gelli plate and stencils are the PERFECT match! You never create a bad print.

They are almost too beautiful to cut up... but that is exactly what we are going to do.  

Ready to see what we are making?

I found this Chicken Feed Cover at a local antique store and just knew I needed it.  I wasn't sure if I was going to hang it 'as is' or incorporate art into it.  

I opted for the latter and went to work.  Using my gelli prints as inspiration, I cut various small squares to 'fit' behind each circular opening.

Using scrap pieces of chipboard, I cut them to size, using the backside of the chicken feed cover as a guide.

I traced the circular shape onto the chipboard so I knew exactly where to place my gelli print squares.

I glued each square in place and let to dry.  Once dry, I glued the chipboard rectangle to the backside of the cover, ensuring all edges were completely sealed (see the next step).  To make sure I had a sealed edge, I clipped the chipboard in place until completely dry.

Now for the glitz!  

Mix up clear resin (per manufacturers instructions) and carefully add to each circular shape.  I had to rig the chicken feed cover so that all of the circles were 'flat' so resin wouldn't seep over the edges.  (I watched it for several hours to ensure it was okay).

It's amazing how the little pop of clear resin really finished the project off!

Now, I have a UNIQUE and ONE OF A KIND piece of art that is perfect for my home.  It's a little like me - vintage and quirky!  Hee Hee!

But, the fun didn't stop there.

Since I had left over gelli print squares, I rolled them into various sized 'tubes'.

I really love the pops of color, pattern, and design look.

I love eclectic works of art, so I pulled together bits and pieces that were laying on my desk for a mixed up assemblage piece.

I stacked the rolled gelli print tubes for a little bit of color and dimension.  Looks great!


This project even includes a car part!  Ha!

StencilGirl Stencils Used
Circles Circles
Greek Key
Floral 1
Eastern Leaf, Lotus, and Flower

Do you gelli print with your StencilGirl stencils?  If yes, I'd love to see your favorite prints!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Amazing! and so much FUN! What a great find, and a super one of a kind pieces for your home. Love the 2nd piece too, esp the spark plug!

  2. Love your "out of the box" ideas!! Great projects!

  3. Ok! Very cooL!! Both pieces are really outside. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Both pieces are brilliant! Thanks for sharing Tina!

  5. Inspiration overload and I'm lovin it!!! Awesome projects Tina!!! Thank you

  6. I'm blown away by your creativity! I love this project.

  7. two super cool projects - love love love!

  8. Wow Tina, always so fun to see what you create. Would love to just have a visit with you and your imagination! Hugs

  9. Both of these are very cool and so unique!

  10. I just LOVE what you created!! (deep envy and TOTAL inspiration to get my hands on some paint....!!!)


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