Friday, September 9, 2016

Cut Paper Designs with StencilGirl Stencils

Hi, everyone! Jade Adams here!
We as STENCIL LOVERS are always looking for new and creative ways to use our stencils!
For me, who is more of a "dry media girl," it can be a little more challenging.
Well, I am super excited to be sharing with you stencil girls (and guys) how I have been using my stencils for paper cutting design!

I first discovered a passion for paper cutting a few months ago while I was perusing Pinterest!
I was so excited to find so many awesome and inspiring art pieces and I am positive I lost a couple of hours that day!

I jumped right into creating a few small simple pieces, I was hooked!
I noticed that the more intricate and detailed work really drew me in, but I couldn't find a lot of templates that I really liked. Then it hit me," oooh, use your StencilGirl stencils!!" Hence, I have started my on-going quest to use all my many stencils in creative ways for paper cutting!

Tools you will need:
1. Your favorite stencils!
2. An x-acto knife. Be sure to keep very sharp blades on hand; you will need them!
3. A cutting mat. Self-healing is best.
4. Mechanical pencils. I like these because of the small, thin leads, perfect for those tiny areas!
5. Paper of your choice. I have used many different cardstocks, but I prefer the white 65# paper.  Also, butcher paper is good for a thinner paper and comes on big rolls so you can measure out longer art pieces if you desire. I’ve also used the canvas paper… a good sturdy paper too!! And I continue to experiment with papers.
6. A good (white) eraser. My favorite to use is the "mono zero elastomer eraser by Tombow.  It is a super thin white (refillable) eraser that is small enough to get into and erase all of the tiny detail pencil marks made. *Use a soft and careful touch when in the erasing stage, you don’t want to tear your work!  
7. A soft drafting brush. Or dusting brush. Use this to clean up eraser shavings, instead of swiping your hand across your delicate cut piece!
I have had fun cutting many different projects in the last few months! From greeting cards to intricate gift boxes to paper lanterns! My goal is to create some much larger wall pieces that can be hung!

Start with an idea of what you want to make. Maybe start small, like with a bookmark! Draw out your main shape and pick a desired stencil design and draw it out how you would like it to look. I always try to draw everything lightly so it's not so difficult to erase later. Then start your cutting! Always have a sharp blade, if you find yourself pushing hard and getting a sore finger/hand, it's time to change your blade. Stock up on them – you can go through them quickly. 

I have made several greeting cards as well as different envelopes!
You can cut out the entire front, or maybe just a little corner section if mailing out. 

After a few projects I decided that I wanted to create a "paper cutting journal." I am a huge art journal girl and have made journals for everything! I constructed this journal from Kraft-colored file folders. I sewed 6 folders together with a simple 3-hole pamphlet stitch. For my cover I chose this amazing tree stencil that I absolutely love! I traced it all out and made sure to leave a border and then cut the entire design out. Once cut, I glued a green scrapbook paper to the back of half of the tree, and then glued the second page to the cover to make it sturdier. I shaded and outlined, and now this journal is ready to fill with more of my cutting art!

You can also create fun floral banners for parties and fun get-togethers. There are so many different possibilities and options for banners!

My biggest project so far was this paper lantern! I have seen some really gorgeous ones and when I got this stencil I knew that is what I wanted to use for my first paper lantern!

PSST...I am starting on a new and larger project yet: a table runner for my farmhouse table!

So have I inspired YOU to start thinking, "how can I use MY stencils and paper cutting together!?
The possibilities really are endless! You can go as far as your imagination will take you! 
If you have been intrigued and inspired to use your favorite StencilGirl stencils in paper cutting projects, please share them with us!
If you are interested in seeing some of my other art, find my art page Jadesfunkijunk on Facebook!
Until the next creative idea... Jade


  1. Just wow. I am so impressed with these. I could never do it!

  2. Beautiful and amazing! You have extreme patience and it certainly pays off!

  3. Wow Jade! You are prolific at cutting. What a wonderful way to use your stencils. Thanks for sharing!

  4. LOVE everything, you gave me lots of ideas!

  5. no words for how AMAZED I am!!! you are very talented and VERY patient

  6. Jade, I've been a huge fan of your outstanding paper-cutting art since I first ran into it here at StencilGirl! Thank you for this informative write-up! Also, I wonder if I could have your permission to post one of your photos -- your artwork made with one of my stencils, Branching Blossoms -- on my blog, at I would give you full credit, of course. And thanks for choosing one of my stencils from among the many great StencilGirl designs!

    1. Absolutely!! Id love for you to share it!! Thanks so much!!

  7. Thanks to all ofvyou ladies! I have really loved learning about and creating paper cutting and stencilgirl stencils are the best to use for it too!!


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