Thursday, September 8, 2016

Wildland Creatures, a new stencil series by Roxanne Evans Stout

Hello there! My Wildland Creatures is part of a series that includes the birds and fish and animals that I love to watch and include in my artwork. They are wonderful in a painting or collage or a page in your art journal. Pan pastels, distress inks, permanent inks and gesso are my favorite tools for stenciling.
I designed the emblems within the stencil to be inter-changeable as you can see in my art work below.
Roxanne Evans Stout
Moon Gazer S408
Ever calm and patient, Moon Gazer watches over all the horses that roam and wander the river lands. She teaches us grace and how to be comfortable with who we are.

Ocean Glider S409 
Deep in the oceans, Ocean Glider spreads wonder through the seas, and a trail of laughter and sunlight for those who believe in magic.

Protector of the Fields S407
The Protector of the Fields teaches us to have compassion for the land, gentleness as we walk the through his fields, and appreciation for the beauty of the life in all of it's stages.

Songbird of Hope S411
Songbird of Hope sings of all the possibilities of a new morning, of the joy of being alive and of the hope in each sunrise.

Keeper of the Ridge S410
Strong and surefooted, this Bighorn Sheep dreams of the day when more of his kind roam the high mountain ridges. The Keeper of the Ridge teaches strength and patience to all he encounters.

Hawk of the Mountain S412
As she soars through the mountain canyons, Hawk of the Mountain fills the world with her messages of love and freedom, and the remembrance of times past.

You can discover more about out Roxanne by perusing her River Garden Studio blog and check out all of her StencilGirl stencils HERE.


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