Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Guest Designer: Helen Elliott

Hi, everyone! Helen Elliott here, sharing some recent projects created with StencilGirl Products!

We had lots of fun at my daughter's baby shower, using Firework Blasts and Swallows stencils
with blow pens to decorate newborn sleep suits, hats and baby booties.
The stencils were great and all the guests joined in the creativity!
After the party we painted a sealant from Golden paints on the fabric, to make the items washable.

At Creative Me’© we used a Gelli plate, roller applied, and Golden Open acrylic paint with Firework Blasts and Arches paper. This created the most amazing, dreamy background. For the final step, a cut out figure from a magazine was applied to the paint, the paper once again pressed on to the plate, and hey presto!

Next, we painted a square of mount board with a thin layer of micaceous iron oxide and let it dry.
Then we mixed some of Golden’s Clear Tar Gel with bright gold acrylic paint.
This produced a thick gold cream.
We placed Mini River Rocks onto the dry board and gently spread the mix over the stencil.
This technique would look fabulous incorporated into a seashore large canvas painting. I can’t wait to try it!

 Thank you for joining me on StencilGirl Talk today!
Helen Elliott
Artist & Educator
Author of Creative Me - The Joy of  Paint 

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  1. What an amazing idea and I Love how everything came out !!!❤️


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