Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Color Outside the Lines Art Journal Page by Tammy Tutterow

Hi! It's Tammy Tutterow.

The first time I spotted the Shattered stencil (L304) by Lizzie Mayne, I pictured it full of color, a bursting rainbow of doodle goodness.  I wanted to create what I pictured in my mind on a page for my art journal.

To create my page, begin with a piece of white cardstock.  Secure the stencil and the cardstock to your craft sheet to keep it from moving.

Use plain copy paper as a mask to isolate one section of the stencil.  Tap ink onto the cardstock through the stencil directly from the ink pad.  You could use an ink blending tool to control the amount of ink applied to the cardstock.  I wanted deep color so I chose to ink directly from the ink pad.

Continue moving the masks around to add color to other sections.  Since the copy paper soaks up lots of ink, you will need to change out the paper several times to avoid contaminating the ink on the cardstock.

Periodically you will want to use a dry art cloth to blot off the excess ink from the stencil.  If you accidentally smear color into unlinked sections, simply use a darker shade of ink there to cover up the smear.

When all of the sections have been inked, using an ink blending tool to apply a grey ink to the outer edges to add depth to the end of the rays.

After inking the page will look like this.  It is fun and colorful.  You could stop here or you could take it a step further...

Place the stencil face down (the side you inked) on a piece of vellum.  Use a fine point pen to outline the stencil design.  You can outline all of the sections or just a few, it is up to you.

If you have any sections that are messy, don't worry, the next step will fix that.

Use a ruler and a craft knife to cut out random sections or any sections that the tracing was messy.  I removed most of the solid sections so that I could use them for doodling and words.

Flip the vellum over so that the side you traced on is facing down.  Adhere the vellum over the cardstock, lining up the traced design with the stenciled design.  I placed my tracing slightly offset.

Place your page template over the assembled cardstock and vellum piece and trace.  Cut the page out.

Use an ink blending tool add grey ink around the outer edges of the page.

Use a fine point pen to add additional doodling and journaling in the spaces where the vellum is cut out.  (The center isn't cut out, but I drew it on it as well.  Take care, until the ink dries, it will smear easily on the vellum.)

I plan to use the large scrap piece for an art tag.

The stencil tracing on the back side of the vellum will have a softer look than the doodling on the cut out section.

I love how the page turned out!  It is colorful and fun with a fun mix of textures.


Stencil: L304 Shattered

Ink: ColorBox Dye Inks (Stephanie Barnard Collection)

Pen: Sakura Pigma Micron 01


  1. Tammy, this is so darling! It looks like the pattern and shape would also make a cool phone cover :0) Carol

  2. Absolutely love this!

  3. This is one of my favorite StencilGirl stencils--and I love what you did with it!

  4. You are always very inspirational with fresh ideas! Merry Christmas to you and your family!


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