Tuesday, November 22, 2016

November Blooms in my unPlanner

Hi, everyone! Anna here with my latest update in my unPlanner. I love how the artsy stencils by StencilGirl give me so many options of how I can decorate the different elements in my unPlanner. From the monthly dividers, to the spine, to the tags I include, the monthly pockets I put in, etc. Today I'll show you how I decorate the November divider. On the opposite side of this piece is my homemade month-at-a-glance calendar.

I use an 8"x12" piece of watercolour paper as the substrate. 

I missed a few photos for the step-out here.

I start by painting the background black with smudges of white as well, using  cosmetic sponges and blending.

 Next, for starting the layers, using white paint, I stencil grids on the right side and lower left with MB's Grid Stencils. 

Then, I randomly paint white circles across the pages, as the base for flowers, as the paint might not show up as bright as I want with such a dark painted base.

I add a few more layers of white once the first coat is dry. I occasionally go in with a triangular sponge, which creates some texture on some of them.

Then I stencil in the floral mosaic with Cecilia Swatton's newest stencil Blooming Where Planted.


I smudge the edges stenciled, so that it blends in with the background.

I add some lower left as well, over the grids. Some more areas on lower right too.  (But I first add some more black to this area.)

I just love the open loopy shapes in this stencil!

Loving the ghostly effect middle left...

Next, I stencil in white on white with the Decorative 6-Petal Flower Screen by Gwen Lafleur to create more texture.

Next, I stamp loopy flowers - Boxy Blooms by Rae Missigman over each white circle and on background. I punch some circles to mask off some areas for stamping so the flowers don't stamp over each other.

I also paint in blue dots with a paint pen on one of the circles but decide that issn't going to work, so I paint it over with white.

Start to add in blues on the flowers. I do this very randomly, taking time to stare at it quite a long time, as I'm very stuck at this point. Not sure where to go from here.

White dots surrounding some of the flowers are next, using a white Daler Rowney acrylic paint pen.

Also, add in some Golden Paynes Gray and Permanent Violet Dark Fluid acrylic touches with the Blooming Where Planted stencil again lower left.

Different blues to add more dimension to the flowers. 

Add in blue paint and more grid stencil layers middle right.

"Draw" in some blue to the stamped images with various blues and green-blues.

Add shadow with a very small amount of black fluid paint to flower upper left.

:) :) POP! :) :)

More stamping upper left, stamping off initial ink from stamp so that the flowers kind of blend into background.

More blue paint (Amsterdam Standard Series Brilliant Blue) mixed with black to make a blue-black colour. Stencil more grid layers to right side.

Paint in a different styled flower on flower middle left. (Didn't like how it looked stamped.)

More white paint dots. Some black dots too around one of the flowers.

Mixtures of black and blue around flower, lower left-ish...

I'm done now! 

The page closed in my 6x8" binder with the month tab glued on.

The spine throughout the month of November in my unPlanner also features the Bloom Where Planted stencil.

To see more of my unPlanner, visit my blog at www.artfulstories.blogspot.com

Thanks so much for visiting! 

♥♥♥  Anna  ♥♥♥


  1. Love your flowers! I can't wait to play with this stencil!

  2. Thanks for including, among so many gorgeous StencilGirl stencils, my stencil Bloom Where Planted!


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