Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Random Acts of Kindness with StencilGirl Products!

Hi, everyone! Jackie Berry here!
Today, I'm sharing my idea was to create ceramic pieces for people to find and enjoy.

These pieces are left anywhere for people to find and say: find peace.
I have heard from several people who have found them at just the right time to make their day,

give them a deep breath or just found joy with them. This is just what I had intended!  

The first thing to do is roll out the clay then use StencilGirl stencils to create the texture.
Once the clay has texture it is ready to be cut out with a cookie cutter.
The center is cut out with another smaller flower cookie cutter.
I then use stamps for the words “Find Peace.”

After the clay has dried completely, it goes into the kiln. 
After the pieces are fired and cool down, they are ready to be taken out and glazed.  
These pieces will become ivory, green and violet.
All that is left at this point is delivering the pieces.
There are times when I would love to sit and watch as people find them, but that is not the point of this mission for me. I leave my Facebook Weldergirl information if they would like to respond about where they found it etc. My husband and I take them everywhere we go. One of my friends who travels a lot, has offered to take them around the world as well.

StencilGirl stencils are the best!!!!
There is no end to what can be done with the stencils on clay!  


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