Friday, December 16, 2016

Holiday Wall Hanging with StencilGirl Stencils

Hi, everyone! Brigitta is here!
The holidays are just around the corner, so I wanted to create a holiday-themed project.
I hope you will make your own version, too.

Stencils used:
1.                  Mediums I used: cardboard (5" x 7”), white gesso, black gesso, crackle paste, glaze effect wax paste, black mist and white ultrafine glitter (not seen on this picture). First I painted the cardboard with a light coat of white gesso.
2.                  Next, where I planned to create the later pine tree, I stenciled Succulents, using white heavy gesso. So now I had a special structure for the tree. Then I grabbed the Love Collage stencil. You can see there are branches in the left upper corner of the stencil. I used this part (turning left to right) and created the shape of my pine tree. I used black heavy gesso for masking its silhouette, putting on the heavy gesso with a craft knife, so I got some great structure again.
3.                 I imagined that this pine tree was standing somewhere in the fields in a dark starry night, so I misted around the tree with a glittery black mist. This mist contains ultrafine glitter so now “my dark sky” shined when you turn it to a lamp. Great! Although I accidentally misted some parts of the tree as well, I just covered these later with white gesso again.
4.                 I love mixed media projects that contain text in the background as a design element. So I stenciled Wall of Words stencil in the sky, using heavy black gesso.
5.                  There is a special medium called glaze effect wax paste. Using my fingertips, I put a very light coat of this wax onto the previously stenciled letters. So the letters popped from the background and started to shine in a very special glittery and frosty shade of blue.
6.                  I didn’t forget to create snow! With the Love Collage stencil again, I stenciled dots using crackle paste. Before the paste dried I poured ultrafine white glitter to the surface, so the glitter stuck to the paste. Now I also have some glittery snow on this frosty night! Yay!
7.                  As a final touch, I covered the upper part of my wall hanging with a thick coat of solvent based glossy varnish. After the varnish dried, I glued some half beads here and the words PEACE ON EARTH.

Below are photos of the finished project and details:
Hope you like my project and will try these techniques in the future!
I would be happy to answer any questions you might have regarding this project.
You can contact me through my blog or on Facebook.
Hello, from Hungary,
Brigitta Budahazi aka Gigi :)


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