Wednesday, December 7, 2016

StencilClub Voices embrace the Heraldry collection of stencils!

Glamorous Girl

Hi Creative friends, Sherry Canino here with you today and it’s an honor to be part of StencilGirl Voices again. 
This month’s stencils by Gwen Lafleur were just so amazing to work with I had a hard time narrowing down what I wanted to create.  When I think of Gwen and her beautiful art the first thing that comes to my mind is all of those amazing gems that she adds to her work, so to honor her stencils I knew that I wanted to create something that was “glamorous” and had some bling and glitz to it.  

Hop on over to my blog you can see how I created this “Princess Art Journal Page“ with this month’s beautiful StencilGirl Club stencils and if you aren’t already a member of the club you may want to check it out at as this is the only amazing stencil club around and it’s the only way to receive these exclusive stencils. 
Xo - Sherry Canino
Canino's Artistic Cafe

Heraldry on Fabric Paper

Hi, Dee here with my club project for December. I love all of Gwen's art and these stencils are no exception. At first I thought Heraldry? What can I do? So I did some research on symbols and meanings which will be on my blog. 
The background was done with the fabric paper techniques shown by Diana Trout and Beryl Taylor. 
Next I worked on the shield shape. I had so much fun and was challenged! 
Painting, stenciling and shading proceeded. Then some pen work. I hope you like my piece. 
Dee Spillane 
Sun Moon Gal blog

Stenciled Cigar Box

Greetings! Mary Thoma here with 2 projects and a story.
Above, project one, is a torn paper collage using the "Heraldry" stencils and Marabu Art Sprays with vintage music paper in my art journal.  
Project two: "Medieval Love Notes Box"

I wrote the limerick above to add a focal point to the background of my cigar box. The limerick references the Halloween costume I created, no doubt influenced by early receipt of these "Heraldry" stencils to fulfill my StencilGirl Voices contribution. 
I dressed as the big blue fairy with a long hair blue wig, a blue dress and of course: blue eye shadow, blu eye liner and blue eyebrows, crowned with blue fairy wings meant for a child. The whole costume was amusing both to myself and others. 
At work, an adult day center patron family member smiled and asked, “you think those wings will lift ya?” You see being a substantial woman with an equally robust sense of humor…I have laughed out loud every time I repeated the remark. Nobody snapped my photo but who needs a photograph with this story? I think you get the picture so please enjoy the limerick.
The project focus was on making the box appear as though the patina was provided by father time. The girl inside the box holds the key to the heart of her Knight. Marabu Art Sprays in blue and red were combined to get an uneven purple foundation for the copper crackle Extravagance Texture Paste pulled through the stencils, dark brown antiquing gel was worked into the surface to deepen the textures, Inka Gold Red Lava was lightly applied for metallic sheen. 

Mary Thoma

Want to see the bonus video Gwen made? CLICK HERE. Need to join StencilClub? You can check out all the details and join right HERE.


  1. Ooh, I LOVE all of these! So fun to see how the stencil designs have been interpreted in so many ways! Thank you!

  2. wow! i love everything! you are all unique and have clear voices!! awesome!!!

  3. Wow!! All of these art pieces are just lovely!! Such wonderful inspiration! Thanks for sharing your talent ladies.
    Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

  4. Fantastic! These are beautiful :)

  5. So fun to participate in this and see what everyone does. Love what Sherry and Mary did. I can't wait to see the club video. So much inspiration already!

  6. Dee and Mary your art is beautiful! Was amazing to be a part of this months Voices. ❤️❤️❤️


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