Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Foiled Again by Cecilia Swatton

Foiled Again! (And Again!)

  • 2 colors of foil such as Ranger Vintage Shiny Transfer Foil Sheets or Delta Renaissance Easy Foil Leafing System. This is not the ultra-thin foil used with tacky glue. This foil, laminated onto clear plastic, is used with a burnishing tool.
  • A burnishing tool such as a bone folder or a stylus-and-burnisher
  • A stencil with wide openings --  I used my Kaleid stencil.
  • 2 kinds of masking tape – 2-inch wide beige masking tape as well as narrow low-tack masking tape (which comes in blue or green)
  • Optional: Ballpoint pen or a similar tool
Step one was to stretch out a length of this tape, sticky-side up,
and tape it into place with the low-tack, narrow masking tape.

My second step was to press the stencil down onto the tape.
Third, I placed the foil – shiny side up -- over the stencil.
I used fingertips to feel the stencil’s openings through the foil.
You may want to use a ballpoint pen (or a stylus-tool like mine) to trace the edges of the areas to be burnished. Burnishing transfers the foil onto the tape in areas not covered by the stencil.
The first burnish has been completed in the photo above. Above the burnishing tool,
I’ve highlighted the area where foil has left its clear cover-sheet and transferred onto the tape.
Periodically, I lifted some foil, making sure I was finding all the openings in the stencil.
After all the openings had been foiled, I lifted both the foil and the stencil.
The sealing tape, however, stayed where it was, held in place by masking tape.
The photo below shows the foil sheet has retained the reverse of the design now imprinted on the tape. 
Below, I'm preparing to add my second layer of foil layer.
Having placed new foil over the masking tape, I burnished the tape’s still-sticky areas.
Halfway through, I lifted some foil, checking my progress.
The photo below shows the foil lifted, my burnishing completed.
Foiled tapes work beautifully on journal covers, journal pages, hanging ornaments and magnets.
I used mine on greeting cards shown below.
Don’t discard used foils! Since they hold reverse prints, they can be used in the same way. 
Transfer them onto new pieces of wide masking tape, repeating the steps detailed here.
Every time you add the second layer of foil, you’ll still have a half-pattern printed on the leftover foil.
It’s endless – you can go on foiling forever!

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