Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Hi all!
 Anna here to show you a project using lovely stencils designed by the even lovelier Rae Missigman. Her stencils are so fun. She says they're versatile, and I agree! 

I title this art piece Otherworldy. 

I ask my daughter and youngest son to look at it, and tell me what they see. They both, without hesitation, without one hearing the other's opinion, say with delight, "I see a planet on left, it's moon below, and sci-fi plants on a neighboring planet." 
What do you see? Maybe nothing, except maybe some snakes and a large tree with funky plants in front? Why is the moon there?

<< anyway, I decided to make this my project for Team Tuesday
 because my kids like it >>

So it starts like this. 

Simply brayer various colours of craft paints (Mostly Martha Stewart Satin) in a vertical and horizontal direction. I am using a piece of 8.5x11 cardstock.

Say hello to the 
attachment of 
Carbon Black
Permanent Violet Dark
Payne's Gray
Flourescent Pink.
(The Golden brand!)

I also use a very cheap neon purple by Color Factory from the dollar store. LOL! It's very transparent and an awful consistency, but I like the effect over the dark paints.

Brayer with varying amounts of colours mentioned above, with the winner being Permanent Violet Dark. 

Add in additional pink last. Hot pink. Love the upper left!! 

Add a little white. I use Martha Stewart Satin Wedding Cake. My brain tells me I want light value over the medium values in the pink areas...this white is very opaque, as you can see. Knowing that, I decide to go very lightly next time, so on left edge, I brayer back and forth a lot on my palette first to spread the white thinner on the brayer, then apply lightly to the paper. The craft paint does dry fast, so use only a bit of paint on the brayer at a time,

Now my fab pink corner upper left isn't looking the same...:(

Next, I want shapes built up, so I randomly stencil with the dark Golden colours mixed together, using Sea of Grapes 6x6. I pick up the stencil, turn it, place down randomly, messily adding slightly different colour combinations to the page.

I add in a bit of white to the dark, dipping my sponge into Payne's Gray more than the other colours, going over the areas just stencilled with the same stencil.

The white area in the lower right is asking for a circle, so I swipe pink, purple and white in a circular motion with my fingers. The lighter pink around the circle is glowing, which must be from my newly formed "moon", right? :)

Travel Note 6x6 stencil is next, to give the great big "planet" on left even more texture and lightness, using the white craft paint. 

Pickleweed 6x6  and 4x4 Mini are next, using varying amounts of white and neon pink. Now I have a surreal forest going on. My daughter says it looks like a forest photographed from an interesting angle on a nearby planet. I'm going with that. ;)

I add more Sea of Grapes to the upper left area.

I add a couple more smaller "trees" to the foreground.

Pink Sharpie (water-based) extra-fine point paint pen for doodling around the trees is what I do next in a scribbly fashion.

I add more colour to some edges and the "moon" with a Violet Painters paint pen, hoping they'll stand out a bit more from the "moon".

Scribbling with a deluxe micro Uniball pen in a scribbly way to help define the trees.

Lilac, Pink and Violet Painters paint pens to dot the trees. I think they look sweet.

For extra texture around the "planet" with Boundaries Mini 4x4 stencil.

Otherworldly marks in the distance by placing the Sea of Grapes down in that area, dotting with Violet paint pen through the stencil. I pull it off to see how that looks, and I decide to swipe the wet dots to blur them, then I go in to redo the dots. Mostly random, but some placed right over the swiped paint areas.

I also create lines with same paint pens along the "planet".

With white and pink paint pens, I cover up the purple outline I had made around some of the branches and "moon" behind the second last tree on right.

I add a sweet little phrase to go with my scene TRAVELLING WAS EASIER. Shouldn't travelling just have one L? 

I add a bit more neon pink to the middle left area of the planet.

White dots around the moon to finish it off.

Well, that was fun! Thanks for looking! Until next time!

♥♥♥  Anna  ♥♥♥


  1. Anna it's beautiful so abstract and fun. Always love he colors you use thanks for sharing your inspiration ❤❤❤

  2. Awesome piece Anna - I love seeing your process, and the final product is gorgeous!

  3. Beautiful, "Out of This World" art! So glad the kids had a say in it, and you went with it.......I love it!

  4. Amazing Anna. I am always in love with your work! Thank you for making my stencils work so beautifully with your style! ❤❤❤

  5. Just beautiful! All of those lovely layers. I like your kids interpretation

  6. Anna, this is wonderful and thanks for the detailed description of how


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