Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Play with Carolyn Dube's 7 new stencils!

StencilGirl is enchanted to present 6 new large 9" x 12" stencils and 1 stencil/mask combo by Carolyn Dube!

Once Upon a Time

Don’t we all wish we could live in a castle? This charming stencil’s set of five fairy-tale towers are the perfect place for a queen to live. Use just the stencil of the castle towers, or the 5 included tower masks, each with hand drawn whimsical windows.
A row of miniature towers overlooking the realm gives you the flexibility to add towers on a small scale too!
Once Upon a Time is a versatile stencil mask combo:

Trio of Thorns


This briar patch of interlocking thorns and branches is the perfect pattern for any project—it can be used to evoke images of enchanted forests, fences, tumbleweeds, wires zigzagging their way through a circuit board, and anything else your imagination can come up with. 

Let these coiling, tumbling triangles work their magic on your art!

Ransom Alphabet


These bold letters may look silly, but they mean business! This alphabet is a vibrant mixture of shapes and patterns—lines, squiggles, circles, arrows—that all come together into a cohesive whole. 
Use this stencil to add a touch of playfulness to your art.

Arched Fountains

Arched Fountains was inspired by the mesmerizing arches of water cascading down in the fountains at the Garden of Versailles.

Cutouts, Inspired by Matisse

Inspired by the cut outs of Henri Matisse, this stencil is a whimsical collection of organic shapes of coral and seaweed. 

These cut outs are symbols of determination and a powerful creative spirit. Later in life, Matisse could no longer paint or sculpt due to declining health but he found a new way to create - his cut outs.

Stars, Inspired by Matisse

These stars, inspired by the works of Henri Matisse, follow no one’s rules but their own! Each star has anywhere from five to nine points and a distinctly jaunty personality. 

Let their joyful, offbeat light shine in your art and they’re sure to dazzle you.

Triangular Pathways


This stencil was designed with the twists and turns of life’s journey in mind; you may be heading steadily down one path and then suddenly make a sharp turn into a new direction! 
If you look closely at this pattern, you can see large, rounded triangles connecting the smaller triangles. This shape is called the Reuleaux triangle, and it is the only shape other than a circle to have a constant width, and it can even be used as a drill bit to drill square holes! 

This strange, wonderful combination of circle, triangle, and square can be the perfect metaphor for the unpredictable paths we all find ourselves on.

You can find Carolyn playing on her website, A Colorful Journey, and you'll find all of Carolyn Dube's most recent designs here.


  1. I need these so bad! Knocked it out of the park!

  2. Amazing!!! I need the Matisse one for sure! Notice I used the word NEED!

  3. For someone starting out in a new area of play you give good advice and fun easy things to try. I love your stencils. I am a triangular girl. Love the idea of Crayon helping me stay between the lines.


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