Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Wanderlust, the stencil series by Nathalie Kalbach

Here are the people and these are the stencils!

StencilGirl is thrilled to present the Wanderlust series by Nathalie Kalbach -- perfect for creating graphic backgrounds and layering in your mixed media work.

How can you help but applaud the challenge and confidence of this first journal spread?!

Chicago Stencil 9x12
This stencil was inspired by Nathalie's travels in Chicago. In this modern city, the unique Prairie Style of Frank Lloyd Wright has found its way into ironwork designs, onto building facades, and into the artistic details of the mass transportation system. The interlocking linear designs look like a contemporary take on patterns found in nature. This stencil is an homage to that style.
Manhattan Stencils in 9x12 and 4x4
These stencils were inspired by Nathalie's neighbor and constant muse, New York City, and specifically the borough of Manhattan. For the most part, Manhattan has been built around a neat and tidy grid of streets and avenues, and this stencil refers to that pattern of regularity. Of course, Manhattan is also the City that Never Sleeps, so this stencil captures that electric vibe too. 
New Orleans Stencil in 9x12 and 4x4
These stencils were inspired by the beautiful wrought iron balconies, gates, and fences known as "Iron Lace" in and around the city of New Orleans. Add a bit of Victorian style, old world Spanish tradition, or French Creole flair with this pattern.
Granada Stencil 9x12
This stencil was inspired by the alluring tile patterns Nathalie saw while traveling in Granada, Spain. The Moors of North Africa brought their culture and artistic influence to the region in the Middle Ages and the style has endured. 

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