Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Optimist Art Journal Page by Sandee Setliff

Not only is this CreativeTeam Tuesday, Stencil Girl would also like to introduce you to our newest team member, Sandee Setliff! Sandee has a wonderful stenciled project tutorial for you below and we invite you to discover more about her on our team page.

Here's Sandee!

Do you love stencils? Do you love to art journal?
Do you love StencilGirl?
Me too!!

Today I used the Rural Buildings stencil by Andrew Borloz and the Love Story stencil designed by Cathy Nichols  to create this whimsical art journal page.

The process: Gel Press plate, alcohol inks and ghost printing
You can see a video here where I show how to do this technique in depth using the Unfinished Stencil Designed by Seth Apter.

You can also watch my video here where I created the Optimist art journal page.

One of my favorite things about stencils is using their design and making it your own. I "altered" the rays of the sun by extending the lines outward and then using the leftover alcohol ink that was on the stencil to color them in.
I also love to doodle extra embellishments around the designs

and outline the images!

The journaling that goes around the border reads:

"They found a little courage that simmered in the sun
They blended it with patience and just a spice of fun
They poured in hope and laughter and then with a sudden twist
They stirred it all together and made an optimist"
poem by Nekia Thomson

Thanks for visiting!


  1. Such fun! Wonderful to see you here!

  2. No matter the medium, your art is always fresh and compelling. Beautiful piece, Sandee!

  3. Love your page Sandee! Great way to use the stencil, lovely colors too!

  4. So pretty and thought provoking, Sandee! I love the colors and the fun of looking at all of the details of life's daily pleasures.

  5. beautiful piece the journaling !!

  6. Beautiful work Sandee - a fabulous journaling page, lovely colours and stencilling. The way you extended the rays of the sun is something I must remember. Happy Birthday again! xx

  7. A wonderful journaling page! I love the details you describe.

  8. Delightful project, Sandee! Happy birthday! :)

  9. Sandee, Once again you have outdone yourself.. Happy Birthday sweetie!! For those unfamiliar with Sandees work I encourage to check back regularly.

    Sandee's creativity and imagination constantly surprises me. She will be a wonderful asset to this team. Look forward to more.....
    Leslie Ohnstad

  10. This is so incredibly cool!! You always leave me in awe with your work. Happy Birthday!!!

  11. So excited on you being added to the stencil girl team!! I can see your future and it is so bright!! You are an asset and irreplaceable to any team lucky enough to have you.. You bring *IT* and you bring *IT* hard!! This is an awesome project and I'm not surprised. Cant wait to see what you at SG!! Oh yeah and happiest of birthdays to U!!!

  12. Loved your video Sandeep. I'm always looking for more ways to use alcohol ink!

  13. I love the colors! It looks very peaceful but also has a lot of energy... beautiful!

  14. I love love love those colors!! Beautiful work as always you are so amazing!! Happy Birthday!!

  15. This is absolutely wonderful! Fab video too. I love the words so much! xxx

  16. What a beautiful page Sandee and Happy Birthday! I love to see your work.

  17. I cannot see what Sandee is laying on the Gel Press plate in the very beginning. Alcohol? hand sanitizer? Thanks.

  18. Fascinating concept Sandee, I'm glad you've taken this direction.

  19. I loved watching how you extended that terrific stencil and made it come off the sides to the edge of your page. Love when you use alcohol inks in this way it always looks amazing..

  20. Beautiful as you are❣
    Happy Birthday Sandee may you enjoy many more❣


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