Thursday, February 23, 2017

Throwback Thursday February 2017 - Fine Paintings and Art Journals

Our team took a new look at a few "older" stencils, Tall Birds, Spiral, Herbs, Feathers and Lattice, Eights, Herringbone Brick, MB's Grid Set 9, and Flowers Version 2

Karen, Kristie, Anna, and me, Carol, created journal pages and art to grace their walls. On to the photos!

Quirky Birds

I really love the quirky little birds here (Tall Birds designed by Terri Stegmiller) and it was a happy accident that the collage papers on the bottom looked like crazy paving stones for them to stand on. 
S110 Tall Birds
L128 Spiral

I love the size of the Spiral stencil from Daniella Woolf, it's perfect for backgrounds and larger areas. I love my quirky little birds they turned out really cute.
               Karen Gaunt

Easy Kitchen Decor

L422 Herbs

If you'd care to step over to Kristie Taylor's Scrapinator blog she'll share how stenciled these paintings.

Nightflowers Under a New Moon

I am captivated by the jungle shapes of Danielle Wolffe's Feathers & Lattice and Eights stencils. 
L139 Feathers & Lattice
L130 Eights

I love how they mimic a busy rainforest, like what I imagine it would look if I were to wholly focus on the shapes while squinting through one eye. 

There are the lines of light from the sunshine, and I feel the sun on my skin, feeling the warmth. Mysterious colourful shadow is present as well.
               Anna Friesen


I like the ways the simple flowers in Cecilia Swatton's small Flowers Version 2 stencil seems to float on a breeze. (You may recognize the central flame as one from StencilClub.)
S098 Swatton Flowers 2

I chose the colors as a bone-chilling, slushy snow fell outside and I was yearning for spring. How do you chose your colors? By mood? By stencil? By design?
               Carol Baxter 


  1. Everyone's art is so beautiful and inspiring and now I more stencils on my list of must haves haha. ❤❤❤

  2. What a delight to see one of my Flowers stencils chosen as one of the art-making tools here -- I love the way their use helps bring up the feeling of a breeze! It always amazes me when an artist finds ways to use my stencils that I had never dreamed of, myself! I'm happily humbled!


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