Wednesday, February 8, 2017

10 Voices Projects with Maria McGuire's February 2017 StencilClub Set

Hi Stencil Lovers:

I am thrilled to be curating sun catchers, Valentines, and more stenciled delights for you!

Check out the artistic similarities and where our wonderful StencilClub Voices, Tina Sylvester Perry, Jade Adams, and Heidi Blackmar, diverged in their creativity using these stencils! 

Perfectly Imperfect
I'll chime back in at the end. Enjoy!

Dreamcatchers ~ Tina Sylvester Perry

Tina says: "When I first saw the new Stencils for Feburary my mind thought of stained glass and dream catchers.  When I was a child we made mobiles out of driftwood and shells.  I used alcohol inks, clear plastic and glass beads to make my version of those childhood memories. These stencils are beautiful and a pleasure to work with!"

Canvas Bag

Materials: spray ink, colored pens and glass beads

Tree Slice ~ Jade Adams

Process: Wood burn the small stencil design. Color lines with oil pencils.

Jade says: "I have been having so much fun playing with the February stencils! I loved being a voice for these two months, it was an honor and a privilege! I hope you are happy and inspired with my projects!"

Paper Cutting Fun ~ Valentine Hearts Mobile

Upcycled Art Journal Cover

Materials: envelope that our stencils come in with mixed media papers on the inside.

Heidi Blackmore steps away from the rush life:

Variation on vellum with alcohol inks and glass beads gel (below):

Dark Matter ~ Carol Baxter

"On average, the density of matter in the space between the 1011 stars of the Milky Way is 0.1 neutral hydrogen atoms (H) per cubic centimeter." - MacMillan Encyclopedia of Physics. New York: MacMillan, 1996: 779.

Valentine Treat Box

Process: Acrylics, mica flakes, colored brads, ink pens, and sanded magazine page over a stencil then cut out. Additional stencil: Chain Mail.

In case you missed Maria McGuire revealing these stencils and her bonus video, click here.

We hope the wheels of your mind are spinning with artistic possibilities using these StencilClub stencils!


  1. Ohmygosh!!such beautiful stencils!! I can't wait to get these!!

  2. Ohmygosh!!such beautiful stencils!! I can't wait to get these!!

  3. Wow so many gorgeous project and Heidi you are too sweet hugs to you 🤗🤗❤❤❤

  4. WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!!! Tina and Heidi I never thought of sun catchers!!!! Tina dreamcatchers are special to me and I LOVED what you did and that bag!!!!!!! Jade, the wood burning is so beautiful and that heart mobile seriously in awe.....not to mention the journal cover! Heidi, we are on the same wave length! The big stencil was meant for exactly that! I would love to see your final project. Loved seeing you explain what you did in the video. Sherry is a lucky girl to get your journal. Last but not least...Carol what a great journal spread and that treat box recipient is a lucky person!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!! to you all!!!!!! xoxox

    1. Maria, as the creator of these stencils it makes me especially happy that you are pleased! They are beautiful and it was a pleasure to create with them. Funny story-when I was making the mobile I needed something to balance it out. Digging through my stencil stash I saw the bird and thought perfect! It was not till later I found out it was yours also LOL! They were meant to be together :) Thank You

  5. Oh my gosh, can't wait to get these. Such beautiful stencils and ideas. Great job Voices team

  6. WOW Ladies! These all are the most amazing projects yet!! The ideas you all came up with are the best yet!! Thanks for your inspiration! hugs

  7. WOW!! Gorgeous projects!!! So many amazing ideas:)


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