Thursday, February 9, 2017

A variety of NEW Stencils from designers June Pfaff Daley, Mary Nasser, Cecilia Swatton, and Ian Karfs

Ready to run away? 

Do you feel like Old Man Winter is dangling springtime just out of your reach? We have 6 new stencils from June Pfaff Daley, Mary Nasser, Ian Karfs, and Cecilia Swatton that are sure to chase away your winter doldrums!

June Pfaff Daley's Pineapple

Pineapple Stencil
A pineapple is a symbol for welcome. This large 9"x 12" stencil will be a nice addition for home projects and such.

June says: “I love alcohol ink for its vibrancy and beautiful nuances. Here, I used alcohol ink on watercolor paper in much the same manner as any other paint. Pour out a small amount of ink on a palette. 

Apply with a foam applicator, pouncing up and down over the stencil. Work quickly as the ink dries instantly. Plain alcohol can be used to “wake up” the inks already in the sponge. 

Pounce over design again for more interesting effects until the entire stencil is covered. 

Tip: I used separate foam applicators for each color to avoid mud."

"To create a variety of artistic pineapple stencil designs (above: Swirly Floral and below: Celtic Knot stencil), simply layer the open Pineapple over the stencil you would like to serve as the pineapple texture. Repeat the alcohol ink process. It's easy!”

Mary Nasser's Let's Go 1 & 2

Let’s Go 1 and Let's Go 2 designed by Mary C. Nasser, were inspired by her love of travel. These large 9" x 12" stencils include words that can be combined into numerous creative phrases.

Mary says: "I’ve been having tons of fun with these – stenciling word combinations onto labels that I later use as collage elements in my art journaling. My favorite technique with these is to stencil the words with my Jet Black Ranger Archival inkpad and fingertip sponge daubers. Then I remove the stencil and connect the bridges with my Sakura black Identi-Pen."

"I've been stenciling the travel icons onto labels with StazOn Midi inkpads and acrylics as well. My favorite go-to color in the StazOn Midi is Ganache because it gives the images the vintage look I’m going for."

"Sometimes I paint my labels ahead of time with matte acrylics, too! (Allow the painted label to dry before stenciling with paint or ink.)"

Mary is having a give-away of these stencils on her Mixed Media Map Art blog! Travel over there and enter.

Ian Karfs' Crop Circles

Use the elements of this 4" x 4" mini stencil designed by Mary Beth's grandson Ian to add planets and moons, atoms, or crop circles to your art projects.

Ian told his dad:"I just started drawing with that thing you gave me and it started looking like Crop Circles."

That "thing" was a drafting compass.

Cecilia Swatton's Dangled Pods

Dangled Pods (aka Tangled Pods Reversed)
It's always fun to see how Cecilia interprets plant life in her stencil designs. She created this large 9" x 12" Dangled Pods stencil as a reverse of her popular Tangled Pods stencil.

Want more art and tips with this stencil? Check out Cecilia's Heart Work blog today, and for the next few days starting February 9.

You'll find all these new stencils and a thousand more on StenciGirl Products.

Ready to bring some spring into your winter?


  1. Ohmygoodness!! Even more awesome stencils to play with! I can definitely use the travel word stencil and I adore that pineapple! I love the crop circles, and the pods are super cool with that organic feel that is so versatile!!

  2. Tangled pods reversed!!!! Cecilia Swatton, thank you!

  3. Mary Nasser, I Love the new verbiage stencils! Very versatile.

  4. Awesome stencils and great art!!

  5. All are wonderful! Love the inspiration!!


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