Monday, March 6, 2017

Guest Designer: Debi Adams -- Part 2

Well hello to all of you joining StencilGirl today. I’m Debi AdamsAs promised, I am back again on StencilGirl Talk. But this time I am taking my three stencils, Woodcut Roses, Leaves 6 and Dots and Dashes, and going in an entirely different direction. After all, isn’t that what makes art so fun? YOU get to be the director and you make the rules. Gotta love it! With that said, I am giving you instructions on how I created this project but honestly, you get to put your fingerprint on it. Let’s get started and see where it takes you.

First, here is my completed project.
I might go so far as to say it’s a tad different than the February 4th posting found here. Well, perhaps more than a tad. Reality is, this vintage piece was my first design. Though I loved it, it felt too comfortable to me artistically and so for several days I played around with different mediums, going outside of my normal genre of colors and materials, until I came to the one that was showcased previously. I ended up owning that, knowing I literally colored outside the lines. It was uncomfortably comfortable. Does that make sense? Anyway, I still love this one. I just needed to go someplace different. I’m hoping that this piece will take you to that place if this is out of your comfort zone. If not, I hope you learn a new technique or application.

Here are the materials needed:
Black Pen
Blending Tool
Dot Matrix Stamp by Seth Apter
Foam Dots
Hot Glue
Mixed Media Paper-140 lb. weight
Old Book –One that fits inside the clipboard
Old Dictionary/Sheet Music/Handwriting Paper, etc.
Paper Clip
Pink, Green and Vintage Photo Ink pads-I used distress inks
Small Paint Brush
Small Piece of Patterned Paper
Small Tag
Small Trim Embellishment
Texture Paste
Thumb tack
Tiny Tags
Typed Letters on tabs
Used Clipboard
White Pen

1.  Adhere vintage paper of your choice to left side of clipboard.

2.  Add a strip of patterned paper to the right side.  

3.  Pull out all the pages of book and fold book in half, inside out, so that binding is exposed.
Secure book cover in place then adhere to clipboard, over top of paper.

4.  Attach another sheet of vintage paper to top of book.

5.  Using Woodcut Roses stencil and blending tool, brush pink ink over stencil and onto
      page. Repeat step using Leaves 6 stencil and green ink.

6.  Stamp Dot Matrix onto page using vintage photo ink.

7.  Apply Dots and Dashes stencil to right and left side of page using blending tool and
     vintage photo ink.

8.  Place Woodcut Roses stencil onto mixed media paper and lightly mark the center
     of Rose and also area where leaves should go. Remove stencil. Locate markings.
     Use blending tool and ink and color a small circle for the Woodcut Roses and small
     smudges for the Leaves 6. See picture below. 
9.  Place Woodcut Roses stencil back down, making sure to match the Woodcut Roses and Leaves with corresponding inked in colors. Secure in place. Spread texture paste over stencil. When enough paste has been added, remove Wood Rose stencil by lifting straight up. Allow to dry.
Add dots to center of rose using white and black pens. 
10.  Cut out Woodcut Roses and Leaves. Set aside.

11.  Apply Leaves 6 to paper and clipboard using texture paste. 
       When dry, color images with a paintbrush or blending tool and green ink. 
12. Tie string around entire clipboard twice.

13.  Add sentiment to tag. Attach tag to string using adhesive and paper clip.

14. Attach a cluster of tiny tags to left hand side of book page with hot glue.
      Cover hot glue area with thumb tack. Tie on a string.
15.  Add trim embellishment to right side of book page.

16.  Attach rose and leaves to page using foam dots. 
17. Use stamped or typed letters on paper and attach to clipboard. You can also clip letters from a newspaper or book. Remember, it’s your artwork. My clipboard had an extra clip so I placed the letters there.

18.  Embellish with small markings, created by using black and white pens. 

Die-cut Steering Wheel die by Seth Apter for Spellbinders from cardstock.
Embellish with vintage photo ink. Attach to left side of book.
Facebook: Debi Adams04
                  Debi Adams
Instagram: debi_adams
Twitter: DebiAdams6


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Mary Beth. So love the diversity of these stencils.

  2. Thanks Debi Adams for your beautiful and creative design using my wooden rose stencil! I love the vintage shabby chic look you have created here!! It turned out beautiful!

    1. Oh thank you Desiree. Truly and honor to get to play with your art. So much creative goodness in those roses!

  3. Yum this is gorgeous!! I love anything vintage so this is just gorgeous to me !!! ❤❤❤

    1. Thank you Sherry! This was originally my first project for my first post but I couldn't stop there. You know, that art grabs hold and there is no letting go. :).

  4. Replies
    1. Thank You Sandee. It's so fun to play in the creative sandbox.

  5. Another stunner Debi. Love the layers. And great combo of soft and vintage with the industrial feel of the clipboard.

    1. Thanks Seth. I really liked mixing all of them together and of course, everything was in


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