Monday, May 22, 2017

Frieda Oxenham: Dance to the Music of Time

One of the things that never fails to cheer me up is to dance. Sometimes songs come on the radio that make it impossible for me to keep sitting still. I simply have to get up and dance! I wanted to capture that happy dance feeling on these pages.

Here is the full step-by-step tutorial, but remember we all like to dance in different ways so use your own favourite colours and figures to make the dance your own!

1.      Gesso 2 pages in your art journal. I am working in an A4 Dylusions art journal.

2.      Collage on the pages using matte medium. I used a paper napkin with musical instruments (use only the top layer), vintage images and text, as well as patterned paper.

3.      Paint gold gesso in some of the open areas and rubber stamp in others. I used stamps from a stamp set my ImpressMeNow.
4.      Using Distress Crayons, add colour in selected areas and remove it through Daniella Woolf's Brick Factory stencil using a baby wipe. This is a technique I learned from Mary Beth Shaw and I love it.
5.      Using the same stencil, spray through it with a permanent spray. I used Colour Craft Brusho acrylic shimmer spray in Shimmering Scarlet.

6.      Glue on some more collage. I used large letters from a tissue wrap by 7Gypsies.
7.      Again using one of the Distress Crayons you selected previously (I used green), add colour and remove it with a baby wipe through the medium stencil from the Mandalas, Circles, and Spheres StencilClub set.

8.      Drip acrylic ink down the pages and spray it with water to make it move.
9.      Use a figure from a magazine as a mask and outline with a permanent black marker. Do the same again on the other page but use the reverse of the mask to get a mirror image.

10.  Fill in the figure with a white marker or with white paint. I used a Posca marker. Some of the Distress Crayon will bleed through and I think that adds to the interest. 
11.  Make a stencil using the magazine figure. Using Jamie Fingal's Zen Landscape stencil and a sparkling paint (I used Magical Pond by Art Alchemy Acrylic Paint Sparks) add pattern and movement to your figures.
12.  If necessary, reinforce the black outlines around the figures. Write the text on a suitable place using white marker. Add some white marks here and there.

13.  Add some fluorescent pink paint here and there for highlights.

14.  Edge the pages with a blue ink pad.
 (C) Frieda Oxenham 2017. To see more of Frieda's work, please visit her BLOG.

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