Thursday, May 4, 2017

New Abstract Stencils and an ATC designed by Mary Beth Shaw and Cecilia Swatton

Two artists, 7 stencils! Love incorporating abstract stencils into your art? You'll thrill to these stencils by Mary Beth Shaw and Cecilia Swatton.

ATC Stencil By Request

Mary Beth made this large ATC Stencil 1 (L543) ready to make perfectly sized backgrounds and foreground layers for your ATC cards and swaps. 

You can even cut the 9 images out for ease-of-use. Mary Beth made this cute pocket to keep them in!

Abstract Metal Workings, Shadows, and Leaves Stencils

Cecilia Swatton's lush abstract style is immediately recognizable in these 4 new stencils and the accompanying art.

Cecilia's Ornamental Iron Curls (S462) was inspired by the curly wrought iron shapes adorning the tops of gateways of some estates in Rumson, NJ.

When Cecilia looked down from the top of a New York State ski lift her imagination began working on this stencil, Ski Lift Works (S463).

The beach at Sandy Hook National Park has rest stops with open rafters that cast shadows downward across beach-goers getting a drink of water, etc. These geometric shadows were Cecilia's inspiration for Pavilion Shadows (S464).

Cecilia's Sassy Spray stencil (S465) was inspired by the profusion of sassy leaves that sprout from the top of the Pony Tail Palm, a plant which is actually a succulent, not a palm – but its bark-covered, bulbous base resembles the trunk of a palm tree.

Here is Sassy Spray layered with her Heron stencil:


The 4 stencils in the new set make vibrant combinations:

Cecilia will be making art and sharing creative processes with her 4 newest stencil most of May on her HeartWork blog. Take a few minutes, check it out, and mark it as a fave so you can come back to it!

Dynamic, Kinetic Triangle Transitions Stencils

Mary Beth Shaw designed Triangle Transitions 1 (L516, above) and Triangle Transitions 2 (L517, below) stencils for use in her own abstract art after touring Art Basel. 

Cecilia and Mary Beth's stencils are perfect for creating layers of texture in your art journaling, mixed media, and abstract art projects. Use this with paints, alcohol inks, encaustics, PanPastels, the Gelli Plate®, fibers and more! 


  1. I can't wait to get my hands on these new abstracts by MaryBeth Shaw! Her love for triangular configurations has become contagious now that I've twice had a chance to see her lovely encaustic creations with them! And I'm delighted to have my four new abstract stencils introduced on the same day as these fabulous designs as hers!

  2. Oh they are all so gorgeous!! Cecilia I love what you created !!!

  3. I see an order when I get back from vaca. Nice job, ladies. You hit my sweet spots. Bullseye!!!

  4. Stunning pieces of art with the fabulous new stencils! On my list!

  5. oh! you're making my heart pop! love love love these!

  6. You two are a dynamic duo, as evidenced by your work!


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