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StencilClub Voices paint with Woman of Mystery stencils

Hi! It's Carol Baxter and we are excited to introduce new StencilClub Voices for May and June! Anne Marie Fowler, Hope Comito Malott, and Kim Villareal opened their art journals and more to the set of stencils Pam Carriker designed for May 2017. 

Woman of Mystery: Eye of the Beholder, Wheel of Hope, and Face Value offered each of us a face to build an artistic dream on.

Vintage Bliss, Train of Thought, and Chanting ~ Anne Marie Fowler

Materials: Wood Plaque, Paint (I used cranberry, yellow, pink flash, dark blue, black, white), craft cord, molding paste, liquid leafing, Viva Paper Pen, black Stickle, Wheel of Hope stencil, word stencils, paint brush, palette knife, and circle stencil for black circles.


1.      Use molding paste on the Wheel of Hope stencil to create texture and dimension.
2.      Hand draw a heart at the opposite end and build up molding paste to create the shape.
3.      Lay down a background using the first three colors listed above.
4.      Draw the heartbeat rhythm. Paint it using liquid leafing and highlight the main circle stencil and heart.
5.      Use the dark blue to flick drops onto the canvas.
6.      Add the small black circles using a circle stencil.
7.      Add the words using the word stencils.
8.      Using the end of a bamboo brush (or similar round object), create the small white circles.
9.      Add the graphic in the middle of the circle stencil and highlight around it with black Stickles.
10.   Drill holes in the side of the plaque.
11.   Paint the sides black and add the craft cord for hanging.
12.   For added effect, add gold pearl dots using a Viva paper pen.

Anne Marie says: "I absolutely loved being a part of the Stencil Club Voices for May. I surprised myself in the process because what I had envisioned in my head initially at the beginning changed dramatically in the end."

Materials: Journal, Black ink, Mod Podge, Paint (Buttercup, Black Cherry, black, white, flesh, lilac, yellow, grass green, dark blue), White outlining pen, Face Value stencil, London Tube and Moscow Metro stencils by Mary Nassar (August 2016 Stencil Club), train, landscape, and conductor hat clip art


1.      Stencil the face on to the journal page using black ink, add the neck by drawing it, and paint both using flesh, lilac, yellow, and white. Use the Black Cherry for the lips and around the eye. Paint the eye blue.
2.      Draw hair and paint black.
3.      Using the white outlining pen, draw lines on the hair to simulate shine and movement.
4.      Paint the area around the face and body with Black Cherry and spots of Buttercup.
5.      Using Buttercup, stencil the London Tube and Moscow Metro designs to your liking. If you get too much Buttercup, switch to using Black Cherry for effect.
6.      Glue the hat, trees, and train down using Mod Podge.
7.      Draw the leaf on the hat and paint it green.
8.      Write the theme on the hat band.
9.      Use the outlining pen to add highlights to the objects.
10.   Using thinned white paint (or gesso), flick spots to add interest.
11.   Infer a train tunnel by using the outlining pen to draw white tunnel walls and train tracks.

Materials: 4 x 12 traditional wrapped canvas, paint (dark plum, beached sand, turquoise, white), liquid leafing, Eye of the Beholder stencil, cross stencil by Mary Beth Shaw (January 2017 Stencil Club) graphic of goddess, word stencil, masking tape, foam roller, soft gel (gloss), paint brush


1.      Using a foam roller, apply dark plum on the canvas by going in different directions and leaving small areas unpainted.
2.      Add swatches of beached sand and turquoise to the areas not covered by the dark plum. Repeat process until the background is to your liking. Note that the mix of dark plum and beached sand creates a lighter purple background.
3.      Stencil the eye on the canvas using the dark plum. Ensure that it is darker than the rest of the canvas.
4.      Once the canvas is dry. Mask off a ¼ inch line using the masking tape and paint a line from top to bottom using the liquid leafing. You can also use gold paint.
5.      Freehand a flourish at the top of the eye using the liquid leafing or gold paint. You can also find many flourishes on the internet to use as a mask on the canvas.
6.      Adhere the goddess at the bottom using the soft gel.
7.      Stencil the crosses across the bottom using either black or a merging of black and dark plum.
8.      Stencil the word across the top left using black paint.
9.      Flick white dots on the canvas.

Golden Eye ~ Kim Villareal

Kim says, "My students thought that the face from the stencil looked a bit like me, I kind of worked off of that when creating this piece.  I fire spin as a side job/ hobby, so I included the glow and soot look from a fire in the colors.
  "The base materials were acrylic inks and rubber cement. Charcoal, goals leaf, and vinyl pieces were used to finish the piece."  

Ready for Words ~ Hope Comito Malott

Hope says, "The main design idea came from using a mix of stencil, stamps, ink, and metallics in my journal. I layered vintage sheet music and coloring book pages using gel medium. A thin coat of white paint gave a nice light background for the transparent delusion sprays and distress inks. Gold metallic spray drizzled down the edges and Spatters of turquoise, green, and gold helped to color the background and unify the color scheme. For the stencils I used distress inks in turquoise and greens with a top layer of stays-on black ink offset just slightly. It was messy and fun making a sort of grungy mess in my most favorite colors. I really love this StencilClub set of stencils!"

Radio Waves Card ~ Carol Baxter

Anne Marie, Hope and Kim made such awesome job with their inspiring pieces, I had to stop as I was putting this post together and make art. Thanks Voices! You rock!

Primary colors... okay, the blues are off but the pale blue and aqua Glimmer Mist spray worked great with the yellow and red. 

I accented with black paper paired with the small stencil and book paper paired with the mini.

I used the "top" of the large stencil to add a little bit of detail to the borders.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Ready to build your own dream?

Want to see what StencilGirl StencilClub and Pam Carriker have in store for members? You can check out Pam's Reveal HERE

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  1. Wow! Great projects this month...I love the wide variety of ideas. I'm looking forward to using these stencils.


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