Thursday, May 25, 2017

Throwback Thursday for May with Creative Team members Karen, Carol, and Sherry

Hi Carol Baxter here curating our Throwback Thursday for May! We love pulling stencils our of our stash that have been a tiny bit overlooked and making new projects.

Karen Gaunt, Sherry Canino, and I are pleased to share our poetic collage paper, 3 silly cards and lime and pink art journaling spread and we hope you'll be inspired to grab a stencil and make some art of your own. (Sherry even made a video tutorial for you!)

Karen's Poetic Bird

Karen writes: "I'm knee deep in the 100 Days Project right now and I am trying to keep things as simple as possible when I am making them. 

"The graphic and bold nature of the Perched Bird Stencil S228 by Kimberly Baxter Packwood meant this stencil was a perfect focal point for this piece.

6"x6" stencil
"I stenciled the bird in black and added some over the collage background for my poem. viola! The perfect piece for today's project."

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Whimsical Willows Cards by Carol

I've been meaning for a while to use the Budding Branches Stencil S249 by Cecilia Swatton as a base to add baby animals.

6"x6" stencil
I was imagining the buds as rabbits or kittens (think "pussy willows"), as I would only need to stencil the willows in one color, paint the buds in a contrasting color, and then for the hard part, draw in details such as ears, noses, and whiskers.

Of course I needed a momma bunny on my card ...

6"x6" stencil
and step-momma-bunny for my kittens (where has my Cats stencil wandered?) ...

The third card was inspired by a video of a baby porcupine nibbling on a banana. I was utterly charmed by the size of the little critter's nose! 

(I maintain these are baby porcupines because of the size of their noses. If it they were baby hedgehogs they would have small pointed noses.)

Does one send a porcupine card to turn a "frienemy" into a friend? Art shared equals love, right?!

I think I will make yellow porcupines on brown cards next!

Sherry's Collaged Art Journal Spread

Mini Star by Mary Beth Shaw and Farmer's Market by Daniella Woolf Stencils


  1. Karen I love your page with the found poem and that bird now I need hat Stencil haha. Carol those cards are beautiful and I just love all the details you added fabulous work my friends ❤️❤️❤️💯💯💯

  2. Lovely art all around, ladies! And Carol, thank you for choosing Budding Braches for your very creative -- and oh-so-cute -- images! I see you have a heart for baby animals, as do I ... I've watched that same baby-porcupine-eating-banana video, with delight. :-) Oh and ... I hope you find your Cats stencil -- I know how stencils like to hide away! I just did a stencil-hunt myself!

  3. Sweet projects, ladies! ❤️❤️


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