Wednesday, May 24, 2017

A Variety of New Stencils Designed by Jessica Sporn!

serious and heartfelt sentiments 
wild creatures and man's best friend
gently falling leaves plus a stencil of faith

Stencil Girl is pleased to offer new stencils designed by Jessica Sporn.

The empowered women and symbols in Jessica's Women Will Heal the World stencil are all about social justice and sisterhood.

What wonderful post cards to find in your mailbox:


S468 Love is for Everyone Script
Inspire your art with the words of Jessica’s Love is for Everyone Script stencil. 

S467 See the Divine in Everything
Feeling blue or know someone who is? You can use the sentiment of Jessica’s See the Divine in Everything stencil to make art and help hasten brighter days.

Jessica's Hanukkah Stencil features the Star of David in several artistic styles, both mosaic and unadorned Menorahs, a separate set of patterned candles, the words Happy Hanukkah and LIVE FREE, a dove, eternal flames, and several dreidels for play.

L523 Hanukkah
Now for stencils of a less serious nature ...

Fetch Jessica's Dog Stencil with Masks into your home and you’ll be able to showcase man’s best friend in your own crafty fashion. 

Nimby is diggin' her new treat jar! 
L525 Dog Stencil & Masks

4 stylized dog silhouettes (masks) are included: a Poodle, a Dachshund, a Beagle, a German Shepherd, and a Labrador. Stylized dogs in the stencil: one Terrier/Schnauzer standing and one running, a Bull Terrier, a Labrador, an English Bull Dog, and a dog sitting with its paw raised. There are 3 dog faces, a bowl of food, an award cup, bones, paw prints, dog toys, and the words love, home is where my dog is, best, good boy girl, sit, come, stay, and down.

L524 Born to Be Wild Animals
Run wild and free on the savanna of your art journal with Jessica's elephant, lion, tiger, giraffe, zebra, antelope, and a kangaroo that hopped into the mix! 

There are many different kinds of veined leaves within this stencil if you wished to mask off a particular type. It is shown below paired with Women Will Heal the World.

L522 Fallen Leaves

You can find out more about Jessica on her website and obtain all of Jessica's stencils HERE


  1. Beautiful stencils Jessica ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Love these stencils, especially Nimby!!! My granddog.

  3. Again fabulous designs Jessica! I can see all kind of possibilities to use these!


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