Tuesday, August 15, 2017

DIY Washi Tape with Kiala Givehand

Hi StencilGirl Friends, 
Kiala here with my first video tutorial as a member of the Creative Team. 

If you're like me, you've probably got more washi tape then you will use in this lifetime. But do you have your very own UNIQUE washi tape? A roll you created with your favorite shapes and color? 


Then this tutorial is for you. I'm walking you through a super simple, super easy way to use your favorite (or forgotten) StencilGirl Stencils to create a private stash of washi to use in your art journal, your planner, your canvases, or anywhere you find yourself using store bought washi. 

I'm even encouraging you to make some extra to give to an artsy pal. 

Okay, grab your stencils, your paint, and a few other goodies and let's make washi!!

Stencils Used in This Tutorial: 

StencilClub April 2015 Feeling Groovy by Jessica Sporn

StencilClub October 2014 Texture and Details by Mary Beth Shaw

StencilClub November 2013 Hearts by Joanne Sharpe

StencilClub March 2015 Scribbles/Mark Making by Mary Beth Shaw

I sure hope you'll give this a try and start creating your personal pile of washi. WARNING: once you start, you may never buy washi in a store again :-)

Happy creating, 


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