Monday, August 7, 2017

Stenciling on Claybord & Stampbord with StencilGirl Products

Hi, everyone! Judi Kauffman here. If you’ve followed my posts in the past, you might remember that my mantra is "Easy Isn’t Cheating."

This time, I challenged myself to design a pair of projects that look complicated but took less than an hour, including the time it takes for the paint to dry. Sometimes it’s not how long something takes, but whether the results are satisfying.

I hope you’ll join me!
1. Paint the top and sides of a 6 x 6 x .75 cradled Claybord panel and a 2.5 x 6 Stampbord rectangle with a light coat of bright yellow acrylic paint, then use a dry brush to add streaks of primary yellow and light pumpkin. It’s okay if there are a few globs and drips here and there.
2. While the paint is drying, lightly sand a .5 x 5 strip of Fire Opal Gemstone Shimmer Sheetz with a sanding block, back it with clear double-sided adhesive tape, and die cut with the ribbon die from the supply list. Set this aside. Reminder: A metal adaptor plate is required, if you are new to die cutting Shimmer Sheetz review Els van de Burgt’s YouTube video tutorial. Optional: Instead of die cutting the tape-backed Shimmer Sheetz, cut it into little pieces about the size of fat staples.

3. Lay the Make It Count stencil onto the Claybord square and apply black acrylic paint through and around it using a sponge wedge applicator. Randomly add a bit of black paint to the sides as well. While this paint is drying, work on step 4.

4. Angle the stencil onto the Stampbord rectangle and apply black paint, just like in step 3. Move the stencil and apply more black paint around the numbers (not the words), but this time with an almost dry wedge so it is pale gray instead black. This is now done. Later, when the paint is thoroughly dry, add a magnet, self-adhesive picture hanger, or take a few extra minutes to drill holes and add a hanging loop. Optional: Paint the back. (See photos below.)
5. Return to the Claybord square. Use a scratch art tool, craft knife or scissor blade to incise random marks over and around the words and numbers. (Removing paint this way will reveal the white surface of the Claybord. It will look like you used a fine nib pen and white ink!)
6. Working one at a time because they are small and easy to lose on a work table: Remove the release sheet from the little die cut Shimmer Sheetz ‘faux staples’ (or hand-cut pieces) to expose the adhesive and add them to the numbers, letters, and border of the stenciled Claybord, as shown in the project photo at the start of this post and in the images below.
7. Also put some of the faux staples along with pieces of the die cut Shimmer Sheetz ribbon strip at the corners of the Claybord panel as shown below.
8. Not enough layers, need more dimensional embellishments, want to add a bit of collage, feel like the project needs some hand-painted outlines, more texture, additional stenciling? It’s your project – go for it!

StencilGirl Products –
6 x 6 Make It Count stencil by Seth Apter

Other –
6 x 6 cradled ¾” Claybord (Ampersand Art Supply)
3.5 x 6” Stampbord (Ampersand Art Supply)
Shimmer Sheetz in Fire Opal Gemstone (Elizabeth Craft Designs)
1122 Ribbons 1 die set (Elizabeth Craft Designs)
Double-sided adhesive tape
Sanding block
Acrylic paints in bright yellow, primary yellow, pumpkin orange, and black
Paint brushes
Sponge wedge paint applicators
Scratch art tool, craft knife, awl, or fine point scissors
Optional (for hanging Stampboard): Magnet, self-adhesive picture hook, or twine

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