Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Mini Wall Hanging by Belen Sotelo

Hi Stencilers, Belen Sotelo here. 

Today is CreativeTeam Tuesday and I'm going to share with you how I used a few of my favorite StencilGirl stencils, and a rectangle Gel Press petite plate to create a mini wall hanging that can easily slip into a 2 1/4 x 3 1/2 coin envelope. This is perfect for tucking into happy mail, slipping inside a greeting card, and even tying onto packages. 

To start out, I gathered an assortment of paint, a brayer, cardstock, my rectangle printing plate and the ATC Mixup Stencil. This is a fantastic stencil that can be left intact, as shown, or cut down to ATC size, so you can add them to your travel art set. 

I very lightly, brayered some paint onto my petite plate and stamped it onto white cardstock. You can do this as many times as you'd like. I stamped 6 rectangles, because that was the number of panels that I wanted in my wall hanging.

I repeated this process a few more times, using various colors of acrylic.

Each time, I brayered the paint onto my gel plate using an very light hand. I wasn't looking for an even solid coat of paint. The gaps is what allows your layers to come through and shine.

Now that I had built up some layers of color it was time to get my stencil on! Using white acrylic, I brayered over the ATC Mixup Stencil, removed the stencil and used my Gel Press plate much like a stamp.

I repeated this process on each of my 6 panels, being sure I varied the placement of the white blocks.

Once I had them all done, I used some black acrylic, another pattern from the ATC Mixup Stencil, Travel Note Mini, and the Repetition Stencil to make the other colors really pop.

To add even more visual interest, I added some stamping to each panel.

After stenciling and stamping comes mark making!

With my panels complete, it was time to trim them down to size.

To join them all together, I carefully laid them down onto two rows of media tape, leaving just the tiniest of gaps between each panel, so it would fold nicely. I ended up adding a third strip, right down the middle, but that's optional.

Since I was sending this to a friend and had planned to write her a message on the back, I wanted to give the back some color, but not make it too busy. I used the ATC Mixup Stencil and more of the lighter paint colors, with just a bit of  the darker fuchsia for this.

After giving myself some lines to write my greeting, I punched two holes and tied a small piece of sari ribbon, so that she could hang it in her studio.

For the envelope, again I used ATC Mixup, Travel Note Mini and the Repetition Stencil. I also decided to add some text stickers to the outside.

And since I had added those text stickers to my envelope, I thought my wall hanging needed a few as well. My mini wall hanging was now complete and ready to be sent off to its new home.

Thank you for joining me for Team Tuesday. I hope you've enjoyed my post and that I've managed to inspire you get out those stencils and play!

XO, Belen


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