Tuesday, September 5, 2017

FOLK ART is the art of the everyday.

I am really drawn to this stencil, I think because I read somewhere that life is in the pauses, and the in-betweens on the path to somewhere, and in the process of getting things done. I can feel myself opening the little red gate and walking up the stone path to what? My home or perhaps to visit a friend? 
( Preferably to someone baking cookies )
This is life. It is a gift to be alive, to be feeling, to be aware. 
How we are in each moment of life, is our art.

I used the Rural Buildings stencil by Andrew Borloz for the front of my canvas 

And the Pilgrimage to Mexico stencil by Laurie Mika to create a border around the sides

The stencil is my inspiration and paint is my tool to bring it alive.

another TIP: 
Use some washi tape to create an even border around the canvas.

I remember the first time I tore a page from a book and felt like I was doing something dreadfully bad, I did get over that feeling ... until now... when I knew I needed to cut the border stencil apart. It made sense to me, I knew it would make the job easier but it still felt soooo wrong, but I got over that too! lol

a perfect fit!
 I also used tiny strips of painters tape to help hold it in place.

As before, touch up any paint bleeds and call it done.

A simple and yet beautiful piece of art!

Thanks for stopping by!

Rural Buildings stencil by Andrew Borloz


  1. Beautiful job, Sandee! One time, I have trimmed two stencils so that I can join them as one piece. I see no crime in cutting up the stencils to make them easier to use or more useful. I never thought of stenciling the canvas edges - very good idea. Thanks so much for sharing your techniques.

  2. This is beautiful--I love the softness of the colors. I love this stencil but haven't played with it yet. You've inspired me to get going :)

  3. I love this! Especially love how you paired these two stencils. They go together so neatly and yet I don't know how you thought of it.

    1. Honestly, it was thinking of as a small village out in the country surrounded by a field of flowers!


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