Wednesday, September 13, 2017

New Abstract and Background Stencils!

NEW Designer Jacqueline Sullivan!

Make your mark with the Square Sequin Waste Stencil Mask from our newest designer, Jacqueline Sullivan. We'll be premiering more stencils from Jacqueline in 2018 but Mary Beth could simply wait no longer to share this one!

3 New Stencils by Daniella Woolf

Coiled Wire, Art Party, and Letters on a Box give you lots of mark-making opportunities as you focus time in your art journal or explore mixed media.

Daniella always has interesting 1 to 3-step techniques. Check out several:

Design created with pink Sharpie over purple acrylic.

Daniella says, "The inspiration for coiled wire stencil came from shopping at a local big box hardware store. I was walking down the aisles, when I spied a bin of coiled steel wire. I took a few quick photos, and voila-this stencil was born.

"This stencil was great on fabric, and a wonderful linear design. It was fine to overlap, but mostly it worked best as a stand alone, and simply on its own. It is fun to “paint or draw between the lines” with this one. Strong graphically, it was fine when the paint bled, but truly it works best when the lines are clean. Visually this leans toward rolling hills and natural forms."

Journal first then layer 2 colors of acrylic paint to get the look above. Daniella stenciled with tea on gauze fabric in the picture below. 

Stamp through the stencil and then gouache paint to get this result:

"Last year I was invited to participate in a huge art event, entitled The Art Party. It is an exhibition of fairly local artists in San Jose. It is only up for a short time, but has a huge attendance. Every form of visual art is represented, in addition to Performance, Music and Fire Art. The show is held at the Santa Clara Fairgrounds. The photo you see is the entrance to The Art Party with all these converging and woven strings lit up for the evening opening.  Little tiny flags were attached to the strings. I loved the geometry of the form, and snapped several shots. Voila! Art Party stencil.

"The art party, was open to a lot of experimentation and expression. It can go from crisp lines to broody imagery. When I used watery gouache, the paint would pool up on the lines and make the lines darker. I quite liked the way this happened. I am a fan of unpredictability!"

Another gouache blending example close-up:

Gesso over black paper:

The art sample below looks more complex than it simple sections of acrylic paint (or layers of acrylic paint in a few of the cells), then hand drawn lines using a Sharpie, doesn't it?

Letters on a Box 6"x6" stencil S501 
"This stencil is from a photo I took of my artwork which I call Letters in a Box. It is composed of a nine grid of woven family letters adhered to translucent paper and formed into boxes.

"The letters in a box especially lends itself to coloring in the white spaces. I found i could go on and on with endless possibilities, encouraged by the versatility of this stencil."

We love the softly vibrant colors of this piece!

Daniella used a sharpie to judiciously add just 3 boxes into the originally white areas of the gauche painting above. 

Chartreuse acrylic on black paper will give your background a touch of nearly neon as in the sample below.

Need more stenciling goodness? All the latest designs are right here.


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