Thursday, September 7, 2017

Stocking Up and Storing in Style with StencilGirl Stencils!

Hi everyone! My name is Desiree Habicht, and I am an artist and fiber artist.
I love all types of art, including mixed media and designing stencils. I am so thrilled to be here with you this week! It is such a wonderful time of the year, summer is winding down and fall is fast approaching. It’s during this time of year that I love to go out and collect seeds from flowers I have been growing. Most of the year I have been sketching and painting nature and now I get to save some seeds for next year. The best part of gardening is sharing, whether it’s the veggies or fruit from our garden in the spring and summer or the seeds in the fall. This year I thought I would make some cute flowery seed packages. With these little artsy envelopes I can share my seeds in a more decorative package, a gift of seeds for a special friend.

You will need the following:
Woodcut Roses and Tribal Men stencils for the border
Seed Packet Template
Card Stock
Matte Gel Medium
Acrylic Inks (I used green, yellow ochre)
White acrylic paint
Derwent Inktense Pencil (Bark)
Paint brush for acrylic ink, gel medium and small brush for Inktense Pencil
Dobber to apply the paint to the stencil
Watercolor paper, large envelope paper opened up, paper bags or any semi sturdy substrate

1.      I used a large piece of butcher paper but found it a bit thin, you can choose to recycle old white paper bags or envelopes if you like. I laid out my paper and began by using my dobber and white acrylic paint mixed with some gel medium to pre-paint my paper with white stenciled flowers. I did flowers and leaves all over the white surface.
2.      Once it was completely dry I began to apply color. I mixed gel medium with my acrylic ink (you could use acrylic paint) and some water and spread it randomly around on the paper. It should go on fairly transparent. You can add more ink if you want a stronger color. I decided that I wanted to use fall colors for this group. I continue to apply a few colors until the entire area was covered. You can use a paper towel and remove some of the color off of the tops of the white flowers if you want them whiter.
3.      Once I was happy with the background I took my template and drew several envelopes over the painted surface. I strategically placed the template so the pre-stenciled flowers would show on the front side of the envelopes. I also was trying to get several envelopes on my painted area. I even had room left over to make some tags that I can use for canning or other gifts!
4.      Now that I can see where the front of each of the seed packets is I added more flowers. This time I added some colors, red, brown, white all mixed with some gel medium. I used the dobber to apply all the colored flowers and extra leaves etc. I then added some borders using Tribal Men.
5.      After everything was dry I took my Derwent Inktense Pencil (Bark) and outlined the flowers and leaves. I took a small brush with a little water and used it to move the line and blend in some shadows and edges. It gave it an old vintage look. I continued to add line and work it with the brush until I was happy with all the flowers, leaves and borders.

6.      When everything was completely dry I sealed it with more gel medium. Brushing over the entire design carefully as not to smear the edges. Make sure you don’t over brush or you will lift the design and pencil.

7.      Once dry cut out all the envelopes and fold them so that the sides fold all the way in and the bottom comes up to cover them. I then put gel medium on the folded sides and put the bottom piece over the top, gluing them together. I placed them under some heavy books to hold them flat as they dried. Make sure your opening flap is not folded at this point so you don’t accidentally seal your envelope. Now our envelope is done. Each one looks unique and different even though you used the same stencil and paint. 

8.      Once they are dry they are ready to write on and personalize. I like to put the name of the flower or plant on the white label part and write some planting instructions on the back flap. I also add the year so that we know how old the seeds are. You can also sign these little master pieces. 
9.      Collect your seeds and I like to put them into a small plastic bag first, if they are small and very dry, but that’s optional. These little envelopes, full of seeds, are wonderful gifts for your garden artist friends.
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