Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Altered Tile Coasters by Belen Sotelo

Hi friends! Belen Sotelo here. Today I'm going to share with you a fun project that just might come in handy during your next dinner party. We're going to alter tile beverage coasters!
These make wonderful gifts and are relatively inexpensive to make. I made this set for under $10.

I started with 4 tile coasters form the dollar store. These already came with a felt backing. If you pick some up that don't. you can easily add it yourself.
To begin, I added some heavy body acrylic to each one.
Using Thicket Background, I sponged on some Quinacridone Gold.
Next a dabbed on a bit of gesso through the Dancing Lights stencil.
I added some gold and bronze through Open Leaves.

To give my coasters a bit more texture, I added gold gesso through MaryBeth Shaw's Hash Marks stencil.
I added some dimension to my leaves with a Pitt pen in Nougat.
Just a bit more mark making with the Repetition Stencil and heavy body acrylic. Once that was done, I let my coasters sit a bit, just to make sure everything was nice and dry before moving on to the next stage, waterproofing.
I used Envirotex Lite Epoxy Resin for this step. I picked mine up at Michael's, with a coupon. You can also find it online, through Amazon. A 4oz package was enough to cover my 4 coasters, but it's available in larger sizes as well. You'll want to read the instructions carefully and have everything set up in advance, before you pour. I also recommend wearing gloves.

I chose to do this step outside. I placed my coasters into a shallow cardboard box, mixed the resin and and poured.
Make sure that you cover all of the edges of your coasters, when you do this, and that the resin creates a solid, smooth coating. I used a small brush to do the edges.
After about 15 minutes, you'll start to see small bubbles rise to the surface. Huffing on them will make them disappear. Do this until the surface is smooth and free of bubbles.
It will take about 72 hours for them to be 100% cured. During this time, keep them in a dust free area to make sure that things don't stick to the resin.
I hope you've enjoyed today's Team Tuesday tutorial and that it inspires you to use your StencilGirl stencils in different ways.

Happy Stenciling!


  1. Beautiful coasters. I love this idea for a gift

  2. Gorgeous coasters. Great tutorial. Thank you!

  3. Thanks so much, Belen.......they're lovely!!! Great tutorial!!!

  4. These are gorgeous. How do you keep them from sticking to the cardboard box when you pour the resin?

  5. Wauw, these are absolutely gorgeous ! Such wonderfull colours and use of pretty stencils. Thanxx for sharing.. 💕💕


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