Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Four Cork Placemats Simply Transformed with Stencils

Hello! It's Carol and I decided to stop managing the team for a couple hours and make a craft -- something pretty to eat lunch on when I'm working from home :)

Plus, I was in Ikea and found plain cork placemats and thought, "I can put a stencil on that!"

Color me pleased because I centered it then measured and it was centered.

I used the large stencil from Mary Beth Shaw's Private collection 16.3 for StencilClub.

Not much layering here except on the birds. Just made 'em opposite colors and on 's beak a bit more open (chatty!).

I think this would be a fun project to do with the kiddos if you've got 'em!

Doing the same thing is boring so I made 4 different placemats I can use to suit my... oh wait, there's elk outside my window... mood.

Let's paint some flowers the elk cannot eat!

I used the small stencil from Jennifer Evans' Seredipity Florals for StencilClub.

Tip: Don't fuss too much and it will look like a lovely little organic garden :)

How about an abstract placemat?

Just like the flowered one: Flip, align, add paint.

I used the large stencil from Mary Beth's 15.5 set for StencilClub and then I realized it...

Enter bonus stencil from August 2017 StencilClub.

Now I am hungry.

And I wonder if I gesso first will I like the results better? (I don;t think it mattered.)

Yup! You could keep making words but seriously folks, fun break-time was over for me.

I like the one with the partridges the best, particularly if I was going to make sets of placemats as a gift.

The flower one was pretty zen to paint. 

You need to join StencilClub in order to purchase past StencilClub sets.

Need a new favorite stencil?

I gotta say, I am quite enamored with Gwen Lafleur's Art Deco Alphabet stencil. I know that is going to become one of my faves fast.

Let's just stencil through dinner, eh?


  1. Carol, how fun this is. Yes, great with kids but also fun maybe for seniors who want to make stuff for grand and great grand kids

  2. Cool project! They would make great personal gifts.


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