Wednesday, October 4, 2017

StencilClub Voices Create with Cuba Libre! for October 2017 StencilClub

Our StencilClub Voices, Michelle Pierron and Kelly Rish, have once again made art to inspire you! We are lucky and grateful to have them.

They each saw Jane LaFazio's Cuba Libre stencil set for October quite differently:

Tiny Houses by Michelle Peirron

This month Michelle Pierron used small section of each of Cuba Libre StencilClub stencils on some random wood scraps she found and made some tiny houses. 

Michelle writes, "I was able to use small pieces of all the stencils to create three houses. I used book text, some metal numbers and a little spray ink and paint to create a mixed media village. I can't wait to find a place to show them off!" 

Paintings by Kelly Rish

Kelly writes: "When I got the stencils for October StencilClub by Jane LaFazio, I  just loved how organic they were!  I ran my fingers over them, held them up to the light and rotated them and came up with an idea. It's one of my favorite processes.  There are a few things I do, that I do not show. I keep rotating the paper and I keep making marks throughout the whole process. I also might walk away from it for awhile, however, this time I pushed through and kept going." 

"I used Yupo paper. (A quick note on Yupo paper, it's not really "paper", it's a plastic. That means mediums do not sink in or get absorbed into it, it sits on top.) Normally, I will let it get pretty dry before the next layer, this time I was having fun, so I kept going. Yupo will hold finger prints or any manufacturing marks and you will see them in your end work if you do not clean it first. I spritz 91% alcohol on it and wipe with a baby wipe or paper towel." 

"Mark Making: Through doing several of these, I have learned I personally prefer to "rounded" lines vs straight or grid like marks. I used a Big Pitt Pen in Black from Faber-Castell and Uniball Vision ink pen."

"Grab a Brayer and some ink. You can use any kind of acrylic ink, India Ink, Speedball or Dick Blick ink. I happen to be using Daler-Rowney in Paynes Grey.  Lay the stencil down and drop in the ink and brayer. It may seem like you are getting more ink on the stencil than the Yupo, that's ok. Do have the page and flip the stencil with the ink on it to the other side of the Yupo. Do not cover the paper, leave some white areas."

"Create more marks. I spritz and drop some alcohol drops on it and use the end of pencil to make marks, you can use a skewer, pen, etc."

"Then grab the brayer again and I use Golden High Flow Acrylics, I picked 2 colors : Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold and Green Gold."

"I used part of the big stencil and a baby wipe to scratch out some white areas."

"I had previously made a mixture of gold paint and airbrush medium, I took a small paint brush and outlined some circles I found in the piece. Back to the Uniball Vision pen to make more marks, circles again." 

"Because I used the Terra Cotta reinker/alcohol, I wanted to add some color in that family.  I used irRESISTible Copper Embellisher by Imagine Crafts and just make some lines to join areas together." 

"Lastly, I journaled around some circles with my own mixture of white and airbrush medium in a FineLiner."


VASE by Kelly Rish

"It was a gorgeous day so Kelly painted this piece outside."

"I roughly drew and outline of what I was thinking added Jane LaFazio's stencil parts. I used Golden Light Molding paste where I used Jane's stencils. The med stencil I used for the design of the vase and the lovely leaves. I used the small stencil for the flowers."

"Because I was working outside, I decided to do it in stages and add Golden Retarder to keep the paint from drying so fast."  

"I used Raw Umber on the stencil design on the vase, greys to do the vase and raw umber and red for the table."

"Next I picked some reds, pinks, oranges and yellow for the flowers."

"Background: I used Liquidtex teal and gesso. Kept it real wet, thick and loose."

"Leaves:  I used Green gold base and added Jenkins Green, then mixed the 2, then added gesso to the mixture."

You can join StencilClub HERE or see designer Jane LaFazio's StencilClub Reveal HERE.


  1. Such lovely and creative work ladies! Great job.

  2. Love the variety of projects. So fun and now I'm ready to join in


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