Thursday, October 5, 2017

Joyous Noel, Happy Hanukkah, Winter Solstice - We've Got a Stencil for That!

Are you ready for card-making, gift-making, gift-wrapping, art-making delights?  Good, because our designers, Gwen Lafleur, June Pfaff Daley, Cathy Nichols, Jessica Sporn, and Jennifer Evans have created some fantastic stencils for you to use with the holidays in mind.

We hope you are as exhilarated as we are about these stencils and their possibilities!

Gelli print by Cathy Nichols with her Snowflake Mask #2.

Snowflake Mask #2 (4"x4") designed by Cathy Nichols 

Christmas Cardinal & Holly Leaf Stencil (6"x6") 

by Gwen Lafleur

Cardinal and Holly Card by Gwen Lafleur

Christmas Art Journal Page by Gwen Lafleur.

Deer Stencil & Mask with Antlers  (9"x12") by June Pfaff Daley

Throw Pillow by June Pfaff Daley with her Large Deer Antler Stencil.

Snowman Stencil (6"x6") by Jennifer Evans

Birch panel stenciled by Jennifer Evans.

Christmas #2 Stencil (9"x12") by June Pfaff Daley

Stenciled Puffy Ornaments by June Pfaff Daley.

Peace Stencil (6"x6") by Cathy Nichols

Stenciled Peace Cards by Cathy Nichols.

Christmas Poinsettias Stencil (6"x6") by Gwen Lafleur

Poinsettia painting by Gwen Lafleur.

Joy Banner by Gwen Lafleur with her Christmas Poinsettias Stencil.

Deer Antler Flowers Stencil (6"x6")
Deer Antlers Stencil (9"x12") by June Pfaff Daley

Painting by June Pfaff Daley with her Deer Antlers and Deer Antler Flower Stencils.
Painting by June Pfaff Daley with her Deer Antlers and Deer Antler Flower Stencils.
Bless this Home, a stenciled sign by June Pfaff Daley.

Snowflake Mask #1 (4"x4") by Cathy Nichols

Gelli print with Snowflake Mask by Cathy Nichols.

Christmas #1 Stencil (9"x12") by June Pfaff Daley

Tags by June Pfaff Daley.
Tea Towel and Pot Holder by June Pfaff Daley.

Holly Mistletoe Repeating Stencil (6"x6") by Jennifer Evans

Sheet of paper showing a unique colorway
(seafoam green over dark green, with red and white berries) stenciled by Jennifer Evans.

Vintage Ornaments Stencil (6"x6") by Cathy Nichols

Gelli prints with Vintage Ornaments Stencil by Cathy Nichols.

Hanukkah Stencil (9"x12") by Jessica Sporn

Stenciled Hanukkah cards by Sherri Scott.

Stenciled Hanukkah gift boxes by Jessica Sporn.

Stenciled Hanukkah cards by Ava Sloane.

Wrapping Paper Jessica made with her Hanukkah stencil.
You can access these new stencils HERE.

More holiday specific stencils are available!

You can check out these links for Christmas Trees and a couple of modern stencils, Halloween, fall leaves, Hanukkah as well as Celtic Cross and Faith Crosses.

Set your imagination free and you can turn many stencils into holiday projects.

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