Saturday, October 7, 2017

#StencilGirlSummer Contest WINNER & Runner-Up

Oh my goodness! We looked at all the amazing stenciled art and then looked again. Walked away to try to absorb all the color, the mixed media, the art journal pages, the collages, the fantastic stenciled art projects. Looked again. Thought.... well we really like... but wait! look at this! and this! Slept on it. Who to pick?

What a difficult decision to can tell, right, because it took us 12 days to go though each and every one of the entries!


An enormous THANK YOU to everyone who participated! We adore all the art you shared!

Mary Beth Shaw, Mary Nasser and Carol Baxter are pleased to announce the winner of #stencilgirlsummer and a runner up!

A few examples of the many sumbissions by @itsjustjillmcd 

Terry is our Runner-Up winner of a 
$50 StencilGirl Products Gift Certificate!

Congratulations Jill and Terry!

Again, thanks so much to everyone who took the time to participate. We are blessed to have such wonderful people who love stencils as much as we love stencils!


  1. I am speechless, these are all wonderful. choosing winners must have been a real challenge.

  2. Congrats Jill ! You rock ! Congrats Terry !

  3. WOW!!! WOW!!!! WOW!!!!!! Amazing creations that inspire us all!! ~Rachel Bell

  4. Hearty congratulations to the winners!
    Jill McDowell, may I borrow from this line-up of your art for my blog? -- giving you full credit for the artwork, of course!

  5. Congratulations! Fantastic work. I really enjoyed stopping by to take a look.

  6. Amazing creations that inspire us all!! ~Rachel Bell



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