Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Guest Designer: Jacki Long

I am on a mission for  ... 
I'm creating art using StencilGirl products
Sounds easy, but they have 1440 stencils to choose from!
A terrific variety of beautiful designs.
I spent hours, working really hard to pick my top 20. 
Can you guess my final three? What would you pick?

I narrowed it down to three that I will use in this art.
I experimented with the chosen stencils ...
Scribble Scratch Handwriting Stencil
Line Waves and Batik Stencil
Playing with acrylics on painter's paper.
But I finally decided to work on a 16 x 20" canvas ...
I had a rough idea, using the stencils to enrich & layer.
Working wet, the stencil both printed and lifted paint. I like it .
I particularly like the subtlety of pattern within the layers.
I picked each stencil based on using just parts of it.
Even the stencils in use are interesting?
I prefer a rough finish. It's almost done ...

"Mei Ling"
acrylic & stencils on canvas
Thanks for joining me today,
Jacki Long


  1. I love your painting! I also want to thank you that some of the stencils I designed were included in your original batch. :-) You are so right -- there are a lot of fantastic stencils at StencilGirl!!! And many of them are ones that I WISH I had designed myself -- but didn't!


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