Thursday, November 30, 2017

Symbol of luck + mixed media greeting card + paper dolls = TBT November

Stenciled Rocks (painting and hiding these for others to find is a popular trend right now), a sweet Greeting Card and Paper Dolls are what the November TBT is all about. Louise, Belen and I are delighted to share our ideas with you!

Message Stones

Greetings from Louise Nelson! I was inspired by an Aboriginal message stone that I was gifted by a young friend. Message stones have been used by Australian Aboriginals for thousands of years as a symbol of luck and to safeguard them against evil spirits. Using the Fish Lattice stencil designed by Lizzie Mayne, I applied layers of paint with a sponge [using traditional colors], to emulate designs used by Indigenous Australian Aboriginal artists. 

Paper Doll Twins

Winter is coming. Power outages are sure. Christmas is coming. What to give my little friend who has "everything?" 

I used the Judy Judy stencil by Judy Wise to make twin paper dolls and I wrote her a silly poem. Just like it says, it is easy - you draw trace then cut. 

The plain dolls:

Please feel free to nab my little poem if you decide to make paper dolls for someone small. 

It happens sometimes when snow falls on the pines
That the power goes out, then you are on slow time.
When batteries run down; you wear a sad face, I’ll bet.
How can a darling girl play when there’s no internet?

Our grandmothers great played with dolls made of paper.
So here are two twin girls for you to name later.
They've got a shirt and a blouse plus three dresses each
And polka dot swimsuits for play at the beach.

Here are little patterns so you can make more clothes.
To design their new fashions, I guess that you know,
You’ll need scissors and paper and crayons and such
It is really quite easy. You draw, trace, then cut.

Notice your paper dolls’ hands are in their pockets
Whatever is in them? Could it be a locket?
Imagine and wonder, for only you can decide
What marvelous items could be hiding inside!

Do remember, remember, this little rhyme
You’ve dollies to play with and have a good time
When it’s cold outside and electronics fail
Paper dolls to the rescue! You'll create their tales.

Dressed Up Greetings

Hello again, friends! Belen here, to share a greeting card that I put together using a blank, white greeting card, handmade paper, acrylic paint, Distress oxides, and of course, 2 great StencilGirl stencils.

To begin, I used a metal ruler to score the handmade paper to size and tore it by hand to create that wonderful deckled edge. 

Next, using the Beech and Oak Leaf stencil, I sponged on red, orange and yellow acrylic, onto my piece of handmade paper.

Since my paper was larger than the stencil, I remedied that by simply flipping my stencil over, horizontally, and continuing my stenciled pattern.

While that dried, I used Distress Oxide in Broken China around my blank greeting card and used some adhesive to put the handmade paper into place.

Using the Loose Dress #2 small stencil, I pushed Distress Oxide in Broken China through it onto old book paper.

I loosely cut it out, stabilized it by adhering it onto a piece of cardstock, then trimmed closely around the edges.

To give the dress a bit of an aged look, I used Vintage Photo & Antique Linnen Distress Oxides.

To finish off my greeting card, I added some gem “buttons”, a bit of jute twine, and a Happiness tag.

Thank you for joining me for this Throwback Thursday post. I wish you a wonderful week & Happy Stenciling!
Xo, Belen

Carol here again. I can only echo Belen's wishes for you! Are you off to stencil a rock, a card, or paper dolls?

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