Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Using stencils to create in 3D!

Hello!  Tina Walker here today with my latest StencilGirl project.  I am always looking for new and fun ways to use my stencils and today's project is exactly what I am talking about.  I am going to show you how to use your favorite StencilGirl stencils to create in 3D.

Let's start with 3D windows!

Step One
Grab your supplies.  You will need tissue paper, paint/paste, palette knife, and your favorite StencilGirl window stencil.  (I am using Portal Shutters).  Apply paint/paste to the tissue paper, using the window stencil.  Allow to dry.

Step Two
Cut out stenciled window shapes.  Apply clear casting resin to window shape and allow to cure per manufacturers instructions.  (generally 24 hours)

Step Three
Once cured, cut to shape book paper to place behind the window.  You can also leave the window clear.  Your choice!  Adhere shutters to window using strong glue.  Allow to dry completely.

Now that our windows are done, let's create our 3D people.

Step One
Grab your supplies.  You will need fabric, fabric paint, cosmetic sponge, sculpture medium, and your favorite StencilGirl silhouette stencil.  (I am using Kindred Spirits).  Apply paint with stencil.  Allow to dry. (Special tip: flip the stencil over to get people facing opposite directions)

Step Two
Cut out each shape and apply sculpture medium.  Crunch, shape, and bend people to desired shapes.  Allow to dry

Now time to assemble!  I used PaperWhimsy Amazing Alterables wood bases for my 3D art.  I painted each wood piece with white crackle paint for a simple finish.  Adhere the 3D windows and people to each base.

I hope my projects inspired you to think about your stencils in a different way and as they say, the possibilities ARE truly endless.

Thank you for stopping by!  Have a wonderful day.


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  1. Tina, What a very creative way to use the stencils...I especially like the way you used the Sculpture Medium (which I'd never heard of before, and now need, of course). The characters look so cool all crinkled and shaped. Denise


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