Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Carol Wiebe has 5 new stencils: Sacred Feminine and Stitched!

Express yourself with Designer Carol Wiebe's stencils 
and let your stories manifest. 

Enjoy are Carol's stencil stories:

The Sacred Feminine and Being Stitched

We like to say when we find something hilarious, that it has us in stitches. Humor and our most profound feelings are intimately related. We need depth to entertain both.

The sacred feminine stencils were created out of a need to express the feminine in a way that honored it, and which offered a few symbols that might be applied to a page to further such an expression. Every woman has her own beliefs in what is sacred—it is a supremely personal expression.  The moon, birds, spirals, and triangles (in this case forming diamonds and a goddess’ eye (more traditionally called a god’s eye, but I do not feel obligated to represent what is traditional).

Let me tell you how I feel about the Stitched Stencils:

First, women have a LONG history of stitch work: quilting, embroidery, mending.

Second, to elaborate on mending, we can mend socks, but we can also mend our own hearts and minds, both with stitch and as we stitch.

Third, when someone is injured they go to get stitches, to get stitched up. There is that healing aspect again.

Fourth, many are adding stitching to their journals and mixed media work. I love the earthy sound of the word stitch. It is short and to the point. It rhymes with a word every woman has probably been called sometime in her life. 

In other words, I love the title "Stitched." And these stencils come from work I have now stitched on, literally, for hundreds of hours! It represents the many little fabric shapes I have stitched together. I call it NYTE work (Not Your Traditional Embroidery)



I warmed up with all these stencils by applying them to some of the backgrounds I had painted in an art journal.

Here, There and Everywhere Art Journal

Sacred Feminine Stencil, S539
Something I have started doing lately is printing out my digital art and collaging it into my art journals. You can see examples of that in some of these pages. Also take note of how I started putting bits of the featured stencils here, there and everywhere. Can you find them on these pages? Think “Finding Waldo.”

Casting Light


Diamonds in the Sky

Double Spiral (cloth page)

Energetic Beings

Birds Love the Sky

Miraculous (cloth page)

Goddess Parts (cloth page)

In the following pages, the goddess figures are prominent.

Gods Eyes

Energy Lines


Good Eggs

Accordion Book

Sacred Feminine Winged Figure Stencil, S538

The accordion book, Sacred Elements, depicts the elements of Earth, Fire, Water, and Air within the skirts of the goddess, with a more ephemeral goddess representing Spirit in the middle. I have used the Stitched stencils in the backgrounds of these figures.

Bruised Goddess: Sacred Cards and Box

I painted a box, and the card faces, in the colors of bruises. We all bear our bruises in life, our wounds, and I wanted to show that the sacred feminine offers understanding and healing to us.

Here is the box, and a few of the cards.

I hope you have enjoyed this reveal and the number of ways I have played with these stencils to illustrate my artistic processes. I now pass the baton on to you, and assure you that I will be looking for your results, should you do me the honor of choosing some of these stencils to use within your own work.

May the sacred feminine be with you, and may you stitch your wounds as you practice your own creativity.

Carol Wiebe

Silverspring Studio


  1. I love them. Boy I need to save up to get more after cyber Monday

    1. Denise, we know how stencils aid us in our efforts. Thanks so much for that.

  2. Replies
    1. Tammy, bless you! I have sent quite a number of WOWs your way.

  3. Holy moly oly, you are an amazing artist, Carol! Just adore your style!

    1. Anna, thanks for the words and a laugh! You are making me do another happy dance here!

  4. StencilGirl family, I am always impressed with your commitment to your artists and to art in general. Thank you for this opportunity to share my he/art.

  5. Carol, what fabulous designs and artwork!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Yikes! Now if only i could hit the a instead of the q, lol.

    3. Thanks so much, Cathy! I really appreciate that!

  6. Carol, your art and your stencils are inspirational. These will definitely find a home in my stencil collection as are many of your other lovlies. This is truly an exciting addition to your body of work. And your art journal pages have me taking double takes. I will be reading this post over and over.... congrats!

    1. Jill, I know and love your work, and I am very touched by this supportive comment. I am happy to prompt double takes. Thank you so much.

  7. Carol, I have recently just begun journaling and your work has truly inspired me. I will have to get these stencils too!

    1. Patricia, I am so happy to hear that. Journalling has become a transformative experience for me. If it inspires others, that comes right back and inspires me all over again. Thank you!


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