Saturday, December 9, 2017

Cat Kerr and Andrew Borloz have new stencils!

Get ready to swing and play with patterns because we have new stencils today - 3 from Cat Kerr and 7 from Andrew Borloz!

We'll begin with Cat's stencils:

Play Everyday

Cat says, "I'm a kid at heart. Curious and playful and never one to pass on a swing ride! You can often catch me smelling the jasmine, trying to swallow a breeze or even dancing under the moonlight. This kind of joyful play keeps my heart happy and my inner child alive and well."

L599 Play Everyday Dress Up is a 9" 12" stencil

"The Play Everyday Stencil Set was inspired by the idea that there is possibility and magic in everything around us. They remind us to stay curious, to dance in the rain and to find adventures in your own backyard. It is a necessary viewpoint for this seeking gratitude in all things big and small.

"These stencils make the perfect addition to your happy journal pages, mixed media projects and so much more.

Girl on a Swing, M186, is a 4" x 4" stencil. Pushed on a Swing, S548 is a 6" by 6" stencil.

You can discover more about Cat Kerr on her website.

Patterns from Andrew Borloz

Andrew Borloz loves making patterns - both modern and retro. His new patterns were influenced by the styles from 1950s to 1990s. He started playing with a simple geometric shape and then altered and repeated it. 

Triangles and Rings Collection

There are 3 stencils in his Triangles and Rings Collection, Background L596, Right Angle S536, and Busy S530.

During the nineties, triangular shapes were popular patterns on men's neckwear. He made them more interesting by applying the notebook paper hole reinforcement rings on the triangles. 

Two of them are more uniform, and one has alternated, "rotated" triangles so that more interesting patterns can be created using the same stencil, S530. 

Half Rings Collection

Andrew designed the 4 stencils in his Half Rings Collection by cutting whole rings in half, then arranging them as quads.  

The double Half Ring Stencils: Loose S535, Intense S534, as well as Double Half Rings Squared, available in small S533 and mini M182 sizes.

He writes, "Some of them looked like macaroni pasta, and others looked like melon slices like cantaloupe or honeydew." 

"The one with the smallest half rings was designed for use as a background or textual effect." 

If you'd like to see more of Andrew's patternmaking, check out his blog, Andrew's Creativity.

You'll find all the latest stencil from StencilGirl right here.


  1. I am just over the moon excited about these!!! And Andrews designs are so fun and cool!!

    1. Aw, thanks, Cat! And your designs are cool, too! :-)

  2. Your all designs are stunning,its all looking simple but attractive.
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