Friday, December 8, 2017

Wrapping Up the Holidays

Hi, everyone! June Pfaff Daley here! It's time to wrap up the holidays ("wrap" meaning "package"!) I'm sure you'll agree that stencils are the perfect card, tag and wrapping paper crafting tools to do so. While there are countless ways to create said items, I wanted to share how I made these unique tags. They were inspired by a project found in the book "Creative Lettering and Beyond." (By the way, I highly recommend this book to up your lettering skills which are perfect for addressing cards or gifts this time of year.) In the book, Julie Manwaring demos this watercolor tag technique. I've used it as a background to then stencil a design on top of.

First, I punched tags out of watercolor paper with my Fiskars tag punch. Next, I wet the paper and applied loose washes of watercolor leaving plenty of variations. Let dry completely.

Using my Christmas stencils, Small Deer Antlers stencil and mask, black acrylic paint and a stencil brush, I stenciled on top of the watercolor tags. As you can see I also used stencil masks to reverse the technique.

This is also a fun project to do with kids as my godchild, Riley, can attest. The watercolors make for  gorgeous color surprises and the black paint on top provides a striking finishing contrast.

All that's left to do is add a string, address and tie to a package!
Happy Holidays!

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