Monday, January 8, 2018

Made By Janet... January 2018

Hi Stencil Friends.
Janet here, ready to show you 
what I've been working on this last month.
Happy New Year and Happy 2018!

Can I just say that this Etchall Stencil Spray now has a permanent place in my art room.
It is especially handy to use with these fine lined stencils.
Here is Maria McGuire's Live Your Beautiful Life  4" stencil.

And in my Daily Art Journal....
See the darker blue bumpy border design? 
That is part of the vintage lock design from this month's 
the numbers from Make It Count,

I used the Repeating Keyholes 6" stencil from 
the January 2018 StencilClub Kit as an underlayer 
to this medallion or mandala.
I wanted the spread to look like a stained glass window and place 
the angel next to it since it was in the December section of my Daily.

I sponged gold metallic paint through it to start and then used the 
See the texture of the gold showing through the window panes?

I like the graphic shapes in the 4" vintage lock image.
I traced it with pencil and also traced part of the 6" floral mask 
behind it from the June 2017 StencilClub Kit.
Doing it that way you can color at your leisure. 
In my case it was watching college football games on tv with the family!

The Skeleton Keys are a lot of fun!

Below I used both the little 4" stencil from the May 2016 StencilClub Kit 
behind this small portrait in my Daily.
I love how the imperfect squares show through her red dress.

Here are some art journal spreads... just playing 
with backgrounds and spray paints and stamps and modeling paste.

Stencils also included here are the Damask Medium Stencil

That's it for January! 
Cheers to the New Year!
Blessings to you all!

See you next month!


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