Wednesday, February 28, 2018

More Art Journaling with Kristin Peterson

More Art Journaling with Kristin Peterson

My other art journaling posts using stencils sometimes get a bit complex; too layered. Sometimes you just want to make a page and keep it simple. These simpler pages can be equally pleasing.

I do always gesso my pages. Not from top to bottom and covering the entire, I am a bit of a wreckless gesso-er. Uneven, thick and thin with edges left without gesso to help create variation with my page.

Notice the thicker line and non-covered blotches on the page below. These scrapes and edges are left to create texture and variation on this page.

With this page, my plan was to keep it I limited my colors. Use two colors, but keep them within the same color family. Notice my color selection below. A light and dark shade of a blue-green.

I wanted to show this particular corner of the page so you can see the how the non-gesso edge creates a variation of color as the paint is brighter on this non-gesso portion. And although, you may like this brighter color better and maybe think why would I gesso the page? Gesso again allows me to work wetter and gives me a larger window of opportunity to work the paint/ink. If it were not gessoed, the color soaks into the paper and does not allow me to work the paint/ink.

The other favorite thing I like to do, is to write on the page with just a pencil. Then I did add a few drops of hi-flow acrylics in dark grey to add some darks to this page. You will want to have a balance of light and dark along with your couple of colors.

Once you are happy with your background, grab those stencils!! This is one of my favorite stencils MB Makes Marks, and what i used on this page. 

I like to "feather" out my white paint to help blend my background and not leave any hard edges from my stencil use.

I accidentally dropped some yellow Dylusion's spray ink onto this page and decided to blend and put a little more down to pull this page together. Sometimes you end up with happy accidents....I really liked the yellow on this page as it turned out.

I ripped out several of the circles painted onto deli paper using my Circles Circles Stencil, and glued onto my page below to finish this page out.

Thank you StencilGirl for your endless creative possibilities!

xo. kristin 

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