Tuesday, February 27, 2018


Hello Hello :)

It is Louise here to share with you a painting [and some process photos], that I created recently to showcase new product releases for another creative team I create for - Finnabair Ambassadors.

With this painting I have used one of my favourite stencils designed by Carol Wiebe; Organic Roots Large

I wanted to use this stencil to create the background pattern because if you turn it upside down, it looks like a brick wall up the top, then down the bottom the lines that look like fracture lines in the bottom of the brick wall, and the circles in between look like pebbles of loose mortar, [please use your imagination LOL :)] This fit perfectly for the theme and image I was creating of an emotionally  'shattered person'.

The creating of the background on the canvas board is very simple, however it formed an important foundation for the painting theme and the building up of layers of paint and gesso to create the final image.


To begin with I drew the basic line image on the canvas board with a pencil, and then positioned the stencil over the top [held in position with masking tape], beginning on the left first.

To create a dimensional pattern with the stencil around the head and shoulder outline, I used a palette knife to apply plaster paste. This paste drys very quickly and has the added benefit of being sandable.
To cover the entire background I moved the stencil to the left of the canvas board and repeated the process.

Once the paste was dry I applied a coat of black gesso over the entire background, and then when this was dry I applied crackle medium to create the human form. I applied this roughly with the same palette knife I used to apply the plaster paste. I did use a heat tool to speed up the process  of the crackle medium drying and cracking.

I then applied a relatively thin coat of white gesso over the remainder of the black gesso surface.

To complete the painting I worked up layers of paint/colour to highlight the stencilled pattern and the crackle medium, and to complete the image of my shattered person. I used only 3 products in various combinations to do this; Rustic Brown Metallique acrylic paint, black and white gesso. I utilised  both dry and wet brush techniques and various consistencies of the acrylic paint and gesso, alone and mixed.

To highlight the stencil pattern as shown in the image above I actually used my dirty brush water.

Here is another close up image that helps to show the layers of paint and colour.

So that is it for me, I do hope that you have enjoyed this creative share.

Cheers and Happy StencilGirl Creating!!! :)

Louise :) xxx


  1. This piece is not only powerful, but beautiful, and an expression of great compassion. I feel utterly blessed to be part of this creation. Thank you, Louise!

    1. Ooooh Carol thank you ever so much!!! ☺️ I so love creating with your fabulous designs! They speak to me ☺️ Xx


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