Thursday, March 29, 2018

A Fossil Fish, a Cactus, and X & Os stencils got together...

Carol Baxter here wishing you a fabulous TBT.

I hope our CreativeTeam members inspire you as much as they do me! Torrie Gass has made a moody art journal spread and Belen Sotelo shares a quick tutorial on cutting a rubber stamp from a stencil for you today.

Swimming in Torrie's Art Journal

Torrie writes: As soon as I saw this Fossil Fish Stencil, I knew I wanted to create a moody art journal spread with it in deep blue waters. 

It struck me as a bit spooky so I ran with the dark theme, with a few neon hits to lighten things up. After stencilling, I went over the image with a black fine tip pen, and added more details with gel pencils, graphite and fluorescent paint markers. It's the perfect spread to me -a little dark & moody, but not too sombre. :)

Intentional Tags by Belen, Art & Whimsy

Stencils are versatile and can be used for more than just stenciling. With a pencil, some carving material, & a carving tool you can create stamps, in just a few minutes, that will help add loads of texture to your projects. The carved stamps can then be used with both ink and paint. They work great on fabric too!
xo, Belen

The X and Os stencil by Andrew Borloz is pictured.

Carol's Cactus Flower

Carol again. One of the wonderful things about stencils is they allow you to enjoy making art that is simple or complex, art that pleases you no matter your skill level. 

If you don’t realize how relaxing art journaling can be, I recommend you try it. My hubby was watching something on TV I didn't care about but I wanted to be in the same room so, I brought a stencil and a few pens to to kitchen table.

Cactus Flower Stencil ~ Daniella Wool

I traced Daniella’s Cactus Flower Stencil with a purple glittery gel pens then I made hash marks in purple to further show the edge of the petals. That bored me, so I added glittery green spines.

Next, I thought about breaking out the watercolors I have yet to play with, but I was working on mixed media paper, so I went for the Inktense pencils instead. (I really like these a lot and I think they’d be easier to travel with than bottles of acrylics, t least until I decide I must have ALL 72 colors.) I scribbled loosely with the 3 colors of green my set came with then applied a bit of water. Low and behold, the gel pens ran. How freaking cool is that?!? 

I am pleased to call this page done. Of course it's my prerogative to change my mind later!

I think I will try this stencil with watercolors next. Or maybe cut pieces of vintage paper to fit some of the big petals/leaves, maybe with the petals lifting off the page. I also think this stencil has wonderful edges to follow for writing, don’t you?

Oh! Daniella Woolf also designed a small Succulents Stencil that pairs nicely with her Cactus Flower.

Belen, Torrie and I thank you for reading and hope you have some new ideas for your own stencil play!

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  1. That is an inspired idea to make a stamp by tracing and carving a stencil pattern! Must try it too! Thanks for sharing your makes gals, they are beautiful! xo Cheetarah


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