Friday, March 30, 2018

Wendy Aikin: "Don't Throw It Out!"

Hi everyone, this is Wendy Aikin again. While working on the blog posts “Crazed for Fabric” and
“What to do with that Paint Covered Stencil,” I ended up with an amazing paper towel that had been used for blotting paint from the used stencil onto printmaking paper.

The paper towel became the principal element in a collage. 

            Used paper towel
Tissue paper
            Paint (I used diluted fabric paint that I had from the “Crazed for Fabric” project)
            Scissors or Exacto knife
            Self-healing mat
            Mod Podge or similar product
            Collage surface (I used a cradled panel)
            Crazed stencil

Step One: Select an area of the paper towel you want to use and use Mod Podge (or a similar product) to adhere the paper towel to the panel.

Step Two: Trace the stencil onto tissue paper.

Step Three (Optional): Cut areas of the design out of the stenciled tissue paper for additional interest.

Step Four: My mistake! I decided that I wanted the tissue paper gold rather than white (which would disappear when glued down…duh)! I painted the tissue paper after I’d had cut it – not an easy process. If you want the tissue paper a different color, buy it that way or paint it before cutting it out!!

Step Five: Adhere the tissue paper using Mod Podge.

Project complete!

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