Thursday, March 8, 2018

Imaginative, Knitted and Inspired by Frida Stencils for You!

Our stencil cutting machines are smoking hot right now with stencils from the imagination of Mary Beth Shaw, inspired by Frida, and created from Pam Carriker's actual knitted squares!

Make a Mark and More with Mary Beth Shaw

Coffee Cup Rings S574
When you are hard at work and bump your too-full cup or glass, happy accidents sometimes happen. Caffeinated or not?

Layers of Scallop S575
Is it an abstract curtain rising or falling, perhaps the pattern of a shell, or even clouds? Turned, it could depict mountain dells.

Linear Brush Mini M200
Do these marks divide? Turned 90 degrees, could they uplift? Turned just a bit, do they look like sheets of rain? What do you envision?

Half Brush Marks Mini M199
Sometimes half is better than whole, in this case, the organic patterns you get with this stencil.
Squared Lattice Mini M201
Use this stencil singly or as a background. It even repeats!

Backgrounds & Layers 1 L619 
Mary Beth Shaw created this stencil to give the user a choice between four different backgrounds for greeting card making - lines, half brush marks, rectangles, or diamonds.

June Pfaff Daley's Inspired by Frida Stencil

Frida Stencil

Mexican painter Frida Kahlo known primarily for her self portraits drew inspiration from Mexican folk culture. Not only is she a recognized figure in art history, but an icon for feminists. This stencil features a fierce Frida headshot and full body. This stencil is packed with flowers, butterflies, palm trees and leafs that surfaced in much of Frida’s work. The stencil also includes her beloved spider monkey and a small and large parrot frequently found perched on Frida’s shoulder.

Frida Canvas Shoes
June writes: "I found these two blank canvases (with fringe!) tucked back on the DSW sale racks and immediately my mind started racing. The proof for my Frida stencil had just arrived and shoe transformation was something I had always wanted to try. For $8 I brought this pair home and immediately gessoed the shoe canvas. Using acrylics and my Frida stencil I went wild and covered every inch of each shoe. To finish, I applied a light coat of Scotchguard. These slip-ons are now ready to strut!" 

Frida Saint Candle
June writes: "My dollar tree sells blank saint candles which provide for a quick and easy stencil project. In this case to pay homage to one of my very favorite artists. First, I cut a piece of decorative paper to size. Next, I stenciled with black acrylic on the paper. Then, I added water color washes and details with gelly roll pens. I used gel medium to adhere the paper to the candle. To finish, I embellished the candle with glitter, washi tape and trims."

Frida the Warrior Canvas

"The thing I love about Frida is that she’s so kick a**." 

"Sticking to a limited color palette, I transformed Frida into the warrior goddess that she was. If you compare this to the shoes, you can easily see how a stenciled face can be taken in many different style directions depending on how it’s finally painted. For both the shoes and the canvas I first stenciled the face (and other details) with black acrylic and then took it from there."

Pam Carriker's Knitted Collection

Pa writes: "My second love to creating art is knitting. I love that it’s completely different from art making and the rhythm is so relaxing. I used photographs of my knitting to turn the stitch patterns into stencils. Whether you knit or not the textures are fun to play with."

There is a small 6x6 inch and a mini 4x4 inch version of each that pair amazingly together! Click the picture to go to the stencils.

Stockinette Large Pattern 6x6 & Stockinette Large Pattern Mini 4x4
Alternate rows of knit and purl create the stockinette stitch.

Stockinette Small Pattern 6x6 & Stockinette Small Pattern Mini 4x4

2 by 2 Rib Knit 6x6 & 2 by 2 Rib Knit Mini 4x4

Rib Knit is a common cozy pattern of rows.

Seed Stitch 6x6 & Seed Stitch Mini 4x4
The little bumps of the seed stitch pattern create texture and look a bit like scattered seeds.

Knit Purl Triangles 6x6 & Knit Purl Triangle Mini 4x4
Elements of stockinette and seed stitches combine to make this textured triangular pattern.

Eyelet Moss Stitch 6x6 & Eyelet Moss Stitch Mini 4x4
Eyelet Moss is an airy stitching pattern often used in light blankets

Cable Stitch 6x6 & Cable Stitch Mini 4x4
This combo of knitted stitches resembles a twisted rope.

Basketweave Knit Stitch 6x6 & Basketweave Knit Stitch Mini 4x4
This complicated-looking stitch resembles its namesake.

Eyelet Lace 6x6 & Eyelet Lace Mini 4x4
This stencil features an open, airy, organic stitch.

Click on the designing artist's name to see more stencils: Mary Beth Shaw, June Pfaff Daley, and Pam Carriker.

Need even more Frida? Consider joining StencilClub - one of the perks is that members can order past club sets.


  1. yum oh yum! What great new offerings

  2. I love, love these stencils Pam.

  3. Also love Mary Beths new stencils. Great for both cards and journalers alike. What nice designs by you both and all in one day.

  4. Oops just saw Junes srencil. Its fab too.

  5. I am a knitter and a stencil addict - I am in heaven!!


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