Friday, March 9, 2018

Guest Designer Andrea Ockey Parr: Stenciled Notebooks

Hi, everyone! Andrea Ockey Parr here!
As an English major and lit nerd, I am obsessed with notebooks!
One of my favorite craft projects is to revamp the covers of store-bought notebooks to give as gifts to friends and family. By revamping just the cover, they don't take forever to make and yet they're still perfectly personalized and unique.  

I made two notebooks using Rae Missigman’s Closed Leaves and Mix and Match Scalloped Edges.
I used the stencils as templates for cutting out shapes and I used the same technique on both notebooks. 

I started the process by sticking Washi Tape on a cookbook page, then smearing paint onto the page.

Next I traced leaves from the Closed Leaves stencil onto some text paper using a black Sharpie.
I cut out the leaves and decided to use the negative space "frames" of the leaves
as a decorative element for my notebook cover.

I glued the leaf frames onto my Washi Tape background
and outlined the leaf shape on the inside with a black Sharpie.

Next I punched up the color by smearing on some acrylic paint
in shades of blue, pink, green, yellow and orange.

I cut my collage to fit on the front of a notebook.

The last step was to sew my collage onto the notebook cover using a sewing machine.
I also added some additional stitched lines to the background and added black around the edges.

Here's a close-up of the cover:

I did the second notebook the same way by tracing and cutting
scallop-shapes from the Mix and Match Scalloped Edges stencil.
I glued these onto the edge of my cover and added some paper scraps
and a "color" sentiment I found in an old book.

Here's a close-up of the cover:

To see more of Andrea's work, visit her blog.


  1. Love these designs thank you for sharing them with us. mrsjetjr(at)yahoo(dotcom)

  2. Love Audrey's style!!! Always colorful and playful! She's a favorite of mine!

  3. Love Andrea's and Rae's work! A great match!


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