Saturday, March 3, 2018

StencilClub Party Call January, “My Wish to You In 2018….”

As each year closes and a new year rings in, we find ourselves reflecting on past events and planning for the new. 

Personally, 2017 was a challenging year and I was glad to leave much of it behind; and yet, I must acknowledge its many blessings. Amidst the chaos, struggles, and tears; I received joy, I received kindness, and at a particularly desperate moment, I received assistance from people I had never met and in the end, I was blessed with strength and hope.  

To acknowledge and celebrate endings and beginnings like these, my friends in StencilGirl’s StencilClub decided to use “My Wish for You in 2018….” as the theme for our January Party Call. I placed the name of everyone who RSVP’d they were joining us into my singing bowl. On New Year’s Eve, right before midnight, my daughter Olivia and I began pulling “wish pairs” from the bowl. We recorded the session live on the StencilClub Facebook page so that our club friends could share in the special moment.

Our Party Calls don’t have a lot of rules. This is intentional so those participating can create from within, be authentically true in that moment. In this swap, some created tags, some made journals, others worked on canvas. As the host of this party, I felt privileged to be a part of so much joy and authenticity.  This party became more than just shared art, it became shared expressions of the heart. Many wishes were accompanied with the sender’s personal story.Some of the wish pairs were Stencilclub friends, while others had never connected before this exchange. What a blessing to be surrounded by that many wishes of artsy friends from all over the country and internationally as well!

In conclusion, My Wish to you in 2018 is, “May you find joy and inspiration as you view all of StencilGirl’s StencilClub pieces for Party Call, January 2018” shown below.

Light and Love,

Lisa Dobry

Dee Spillane to Lisa Dobry

Lisa Dobry to Dee Spillane

Debi Vought to Monica Garcia

Monica Garcia to Debi Vought

Patty Donahue to Cathy Costelle

Cathy Costelle to Patty Donahue

Jill Fisher Holmes to Mary Beth Shaw

Mary Beth Shaw to Jill Fisher Holmes

Kymona Tracey to Jill McDowell

Jill McDowell to Kymona Tracey

Patricia Anne Lintner to Anne Marie Fowler

Anne Marie Fowler to Patricia Anne Lintner

Eva Gronroos to Carol Baxter

Carol Baxter to Eva Gronroos

Michelle Pierron to Cathy Weselby

Cathy Weselby to Michelle Pierron

Trena Lynn Brannon to Heidi Blackmar

Janis Graham to Kristie Taylor

Josefine Fourage to Kristin Williams

Kristin Williams to Josefine Fourage


  1. What a wonderful thing you started, Lisa! -- and cheers to everyone making these unique gifts! :-)


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