Tuesday, March 6, 2018

You're A Star Mixed Media Tag

Hello friends!

It's Torrie here, from Fox + Hazel, with a really fun resist method using embossing powder and watercolors. Tags are something I'm just starting to work, as I'm normally either in a journal or on a canvas, but these small pieces of art are so much fun!

I created this tag using Cat Kerr's Starlight Starbright stencil. I just love the hand-carved design of all her stencils and find myself coming back to them again & again.

I wasn't completeley sure where I was going with this piece, but my starting point was Cat's stencil and a large black tag. I create very intuitively, so, the rest of the process was just whatever I felt like the tag needed next!

You can watch my entire creating process while I chat (maybe it's more rambling than chatting?!) in the video below:

Thanks so much for checking out this project! 




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