Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Quilt Inspired and Floral Motifs - We've Got New Stencils for YOU!

Mary Beth Shaw and Cecila Swatton have new stencils you are going to adore. Check them out:

Quilt Smalls

Oh la la! These stencils were previously available only as minisQuilt on paper or fabric with these darling stencils.

Match up the edges of Mary Beth Shaw’s Ribbon Weave Small Stencil in different colors for a delightful repeating pattern. 

The Quilt 1 Stencil was born out of Mary Beth's appreciation of the beauty of quilts. The meeting of 4 diamonds is a classic pattern as a single or a double. Add one color and then turn the stencil 90 degrees and add a second color to complete the 8 points of the star. Use this stencil when you want to bring a vintage look to your artwork or quilts.

The X of the X-Door Small Stencil marks the doorway into art. It’s triangles and angles lend themselves to creating a grid background on paper or as fabric foreground.

What is hidden at the bottom of the Downward Stairs Small Stencil? Only the user knows.

Do not adjust your dial. Mary Beth’s Diagonalz Small Stencil works wonderfully as a focal point or a background pattern in your art. 

Flip Diagonalz 90 degrees for an alternate pattern!

When you appreciate the hard work and creativity that goes into quilts as much as Mary Beth does, you need stencils that reflect that feeling.  Here's Four Square Quilt Small:

The Nine Square Quilt Small Stencil is ready to add a pattern of fun to your art. With its 2-3-4 pattern you are ready to stitch or paint, however the mood strikes you! 

You could be swingin' on a star! In the tradition of quilts, Mary Beth Star Quilt Small Stencil is a delight. The outer and inner patterns could be painted the same or complementary colors. 

All right, we admit it. Cloverleaf Small was previously released, but we are including it here because it fits :)

Climbing stairs is always an act of will and often discovery. Where will the Tower Stairs Small Stencil take you in your art?

The repeating pattern of Mary Beth Shaw’s Basket Weave Small Stencil is hand-drawn. This stencil is perfect for stitching or use it as a unifying background in your art journal.

Here are the mini stencils. The image is approximately 2 inches wide.

Cecila Swatton

Thistle Small

Despite a notion held by some that a thistle is only a weed, it's popularity as a stencil led Cecila to develop a new version that resembles but does not duplicate the original, larger stencil. In art journal pages, the small version and large version play well together. For greeting cards and other small-sized applications, this 6” x 6” size is perfect.

Cecilia also used her large Thistle Stencil in the artwork.

Mikki's Flowers Stencil and Mikki's Flower's Mask

Mikki’s Flowers evolved from a design Cecilia Swatton developed years ago in tribute to the love she has for someone very dear to her … a person she will cherish forever. Her initial idea was to create only a stencil, but because these flowers form a visual poem, in tangling and clustering together, the second idea of a mask was quick to appear. Each does a beautiful job alone, but also works well with its figure-ground opposite.

This art piece uses the stencil.

This art piece uses the mask.

This art piece also uses the Mikki's Flowers Mask.

Cecilia's next two stencils resemble but do not duplicate their large sister stencils. The non-matching yet inverse Dangled Pods Small (pictured immediately below) and Tangled Pods Small give the user artistic flexibility.

Tangled Pods Small

The principle of "figure-ground" contrast can be phrased as a question: “Which part of this silhouetted image is “figure” and which is “(back)ground?” When an image is printed with Tangled Pods Small, shown here, spaces between the pods are the “positive” (“figure”), whereas the pods themselves are the “negative” (“ground/background.”)

Discover all the latest stencils RIGHT HERE.

What will you create?


  1. Please send all the quilt stencils! (Of course I don't have that much money... They look like so much fun.

  2. Wonderful new designs - I especially love the pods and thistles. I quilt so I'm more inclined to use other designs rather than quilt blocks, can make some outstanding paper and paint quilts with these designs of MaryBeth's that's for sure!


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